Worried Mom

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GAIL - January 8

I didnt know i was pregnant yet and i drank some mix drinks with hard liquar and beer, 1 week before i found out i was pregnant. I dont do anything bad and I drank on Halloween, and now I am scared I hurt my baby HELP!!!!


lidia - January 8

how many weeks are you pregnant? i have done that before and nothing happend to my baby and she came out fine just dont do it any more!


gail - January 8

I am 14 weeks, I am just worried cause if i knew i was pregnant i would of never drank, i drank on oct. 29 and found out i was pregnant on nov.4 i hope the baby is ok


Jenny - January 8

I drank tequilla a week before I found out I was pregnant. My daughter is fine.


KM - January 8

OKay.This may provide some rea__surance. First of all, i take it you have stopped drinking since you found out.Which is the best thing you can do. Many women drink and do other things that are potentially harmful before they know, and they have babies that are fine. Fetal alcohol syndrome is more common in women who drink regularly throughout the whole pregnancy, but keep in mind it also CAN happen from binge drinking so the risk is still there. First of all, you start counting the wks from the first day of your last prd, you do not actually become pregnant till roughly 14 days from that date.so the first two wks, you are safe. THEN, it still takes 3 wks for the baby to implant itself. Even then in the early wks the baby is not taking in all of what you take in. So by then, chances are you would have found out you are pregnant.Also, if that damage was that bad in such an early stage you would most likely miscarry rather than cause the fetus damage because your body has a way of cleansing itself. Hope that sets your mind at ease. Try not to worry because it will not change the situation, it will only give you more stress, which is also harmful for your baby.



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