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pitjulie19 - July 27

Hey Everyone! I would like to aware you all guys that some clinics like Lotus have come in this field. They are fake. They are so expensive and looting people in this field. They do not have any concern about someone's life. They are damaging the trust of people in such techniques. So be careful while choosing the clinic. I'm making you aware because I don't want to let your case gone in such unskilled hands. So try to find the best clinic for yourself. Wish you the best of luck


Carla7410 - July 28

Thank you, dear, for such such vital information. Let me add something to it. Not just Lotus but clinic named Adonis are on the same platform. Both clinics are damaging the trust of people by bluffing and cheating them. My experience was with Adonis and they are as worst as you mentioned about the clinic you visited dear. I think people should aware of two names LOTUS & ADONIS both of them are the worst clinics. They play with your emotions loot your money and waste your time. Be aware of them they are fake and inexperienced. I suggest you guys look for other clinics also situated near to them. They are good, highly Skilled and professional.


eliaj - August 14

Hello! I am really sorry for your condition. I can understand your situation from the heart. I recently had the same experience with Adonis. I am the infertile lady so my mother suggests me this clinic. I emailed this clinic. Firstly they answered me very nicely. After some day I again emailed them for instructions related to my procedure. They did not give the response. I call them but they block my number. This all was weird for me. Then I decide to leave the clinic because it was only the wastage of time. Then I found another good clinic. Now I am under the process of IVF. Soon I will have a baby. I advise you to find the best clinic for yourself. Hope you will find soon. Best wishes to you. I will remember you in my prayers. BABY DUST ON YOUR WAY.


bena12 - August 18

Well, I don't have an idea of it. I just know a good clinic in Europe. They are beautifully dealing with fertility issues. You should visit them. It will be a very good option for you. There is no need to waste your time. Just visit them and get treatment from them


monikadavid - August 19

Hey, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with the clinic. I am sure it must have been a horrible time for you. It is astonishing to see them behave in this immature manner. I myself have had a very similar experience with them. I remember contacting the clinic when it was a matter of urgency. I had clearly mentioned in my email that it was a matter of urgency. To my utmost astonishment, they didn't reply! I kept emailing them and it was almost after a month that I got a response. In the reply, they asked me about my disorder! I was shocked! I had mentioned all my details in the previous emails. From this email, it became evident that they had not read any of my emails. However, I still stayed calm and answered them. To which they told me that they only carried out surrogacy if you had undergone 5 IVFs. That in itself was very strange!


CleoMarvel - August 19

Hello there, I hope you are doing good. I felt sad after hearing your experience about the clinic. I experienced this disappointment when I was trying to contact a****s clinic and they were not responding me. I was nearly thrown into depression but thankfully i was assisted by my husband in the right direction. I hope everything works for you too.


anaya18 - August 25

You are absolutely right. Many people are posting their experiences with Adonis clinic. They are not giving a response to the couples who are infertile. So this means that everyone should beware of such clinics. Still many individuals are not understanding. Without having proper consultation they are experiencing worst time with this clinic. Your post is also a medium of awareness for many people. They should understand that these are scammers. It really doesn't mean good clinic doesn't exist. There is a good clinic in Europe. Everyone should visit them. Their success rate is very high in these infertility treatments. Wish you a very good luck. I wish you to become a mother soon. My best wishes are with you


jenny50 - August 26

You are so right. I totally agree with you. I have also read a lot of negative comments about this clinic. Adonis is also in the list of such clinics who make a fool out of people. They just have names in this field. And that I think will be erased soon. Only because of them, many people are feeling bad about their decisions. People email them with so much hope. And they do not get anything in response. This is so wrong. What they are doing to people is totally unacceptable. They should stop these acts. Otherwise, this is going to create problems for many more people. I hope people get safe from such acts.


megan762 - August 27

I agree with you completely. And it's just not you with this complaint. I have seen many people talking about Lotus clinic. And how they've had a bad experience there. I simply don't understand what this clinic is up to. This is no way of dealing with clients. People contact their clinic with so much hope. And they give this in response. How unprofessional is that! They really need to stop doing this. Or else it'll create a lot of problems for many people. Let's hope they stop fooling their clients.


jayna85 - August 28

Thank you for informing us about it. I have been trying to make people aware too. I came to know about Adonis clinic a few days ago. I was reading people's reviews on that. And I came across another name that you mentioned in your post. These clinics are definitely not reliable. It makes me so sad to know that they're just wasting people's time. They offer treatments that please the clients. But they do not fulfil their promised words. Their treatments are not worth the money. They really need to build up their level.



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