Worst Expereince

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anaya18 - August 25

I am reading about lotus experiences on different forums. Trust me I am really very fed up with us. I don't understand what they want to form innocent people. Already they are having a bad experience in their life for being infertile. Now they are having a bad experience with these clinics also. Please chose the best place for your treatment. Wish you the best of luck for that


jenny50 - August 26

Exactly, you are right. I totally agree with you. Many clinics have been troubling people. I think people should be very careful in such matters. There are many good clinics in Ukraine. One should properly search for them. And then finalize their decision. I hope people understand this point.


Brenda12 - August 27

Hey! Add me as a plus one, here. I totally agree with you. They are a mess. I had such a horrible experience with them! It was devastating for me. I really hope no one has to go through that. Please stay well clear of them!


monikadavid - August 27

It is true that this clinic is acting very insensitively. Infertile patients are already so much broken. These clinics are their only hope. My suggestion to all will be to be careful. Always read the reviews about the clinic before opting for them. I myself made sure about this. It is because of properly going through the details about the clinic I opted for that my process is going smoothly. Good luck to all. 


CleoMarvel - August 27

You are totally right Anaya. It seems the peoplle join these forums after they have been duped by these clinics. Proper research is necessary before approaching any thing and too bad they getting up burnt because of lack of knowledge. The clinics are in the race of making money for themselves and we need to spread awareness to protect people from further heartache. They already have enough on their plates fighting infertility and all that.


megan762 - August 27

That's really terrible. I think we should make more threads in order to make people aware of such clinics. I totally agree with your point of view. Things get very tough for people who suffer from such situations. I hope people learn to be more careful too. Such matters are very sensitive. We should take these decisions wisely.


Emma07 - August 28

Hi dear, I hope you are alright. It's good to see that there is someone who can feel us. You are such a nice lady. I have seen such complaints about them on different forums. It's really heartbreaking that they are all doing this to those who are already suffering from pain, who are going through a hard time. I wish I could stop them from playing with someone's feelings. 


jayna85 - August 28

You are so right. But what's done cannot be undone. We should try to make the future better. People should be more careful now. And try to find good clinics. They should act more wisely. That is the only solution that we have.


Bethany22 - August 28

I know right? It is really unethical. They're actually bringing down the good clinics of that region along with them. I totally agree with you. They've been dishonest to so many of their clients. I am glad I did my research. I didn't just go to any clinic. I chose a great one in that region. I have registered a few months ago. I am waiting for the process to begin now. I really hope the journey goes as I expect it to go. I really want to become a mother. I have been praying to become a mother. Actually, I am not infertile. I have the problem of recurrent miscarriages. We will go for the procedure that the clinic suggests. I have faith in them. I am sure they won't let me down.


Bethany22 - August 29

Hello guys. Thank you for sharing this information here. I know most of us women out here have some concerns about clinics. These clinics are horrible. They trick you by making false promises. One must always select a good doctor. A doctor who knows what she’s doing. When I went into IVF cycles, I didn't know much. I picked the clinic you mentioned. My treatment there didn't go as I expected. I had the worst side effects. It isn't even about the side effects, the whole process was unsuccessful. It made me really sad and disappointed. I am 38 now and registered with a much better clinic. Good luck to others as well!



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