Wot Do U Think Of Ocean

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sally - January 3

am having a little girl and my boyfriend thinks the name ocean is cute wot does eveybody else think? i think its alright but i always wanted my little girl to take my grandmothers names as her middle which is elizabeth, but then i dont think ocean elizabeth goes. Wot does everyone think of ocean elizabeth then? or are there any other nice names that would go with ocean?


karen - January 3

If you don't mind your daughter always being teased and being asked to repeat her name, go for it. Everyone is different though. I personally wouldn't name my daughter that, but I think Elizabeth is pretty and if you want Ocean in there, can you go with Elizabeth Ocean? Since Ocean isn't really a name, it's hard to find something that sounds right with it.


Tess - January 3

Id go w/ Elizabeth Ocean instead of Ocean Elizabeth.....I think it would sound better and ryhm( sp??) better too.


Don't Like It At All! - January 3

I think you should name the baby what you planned in the first place, and tell your bf that ocean is not a name. It sounds stupid, and when she's in school people will definately call her "fishy". Don't put your kid through that please! Give her a real name, and tell your bf that "ocean" is a joke! If he wants to call her that when she's here, let him. Just don't put it on a birth certificate! My husband called my baby "Piglet" for a little while after being born as a nickname, and I told him to stop before it got out of hand. You must stop them before they get out of control!


anita - January 3

i had a friend named ocean (she was gorgeous too) and i always thought her name was pretty and unique. i Ocean Elizabeth is a beautiful name.


nikol - January 3

I think Ocean Elizabeth is a cute name. Make sure you can see yourself liking it a few years down the road though.


Bonnie - January 3

I'm with Tess, I'd recommend Elizabeth Ocean. Ocean sounds like a stripper name to me. :P But everyone has different tastes and you should go with what you like. Just my 2 cents.


mothy - January 3

I think of sniffing mothb___s


sorry - January 3

but i dont like ocean for a name.your b/f must be on drugs or something.


me - January 3

I like the name Ocean. My cousins name is Ocean Patricia.


sarah513 - January 3

i think ocean elizabeth is cute especially since its so unusual... i myself am sick of hearing the names brittany, sarah (my name! bleh), ashley, stephanie all the common names... name her what you want.. i wanna name my girl samara after the girl in the ring and i got some weird looks but hey its your baby... name her whatever you want... this next generation is full of unusual names.. just look at what movie stars and singers are naming their kids... i believe that an actor named his kid ocean... but do whatever you want


TJ - January 3

I'm going to name my son Great Barrier Reef.


karine - January 3

i dont like it. but we all have diff. taste


Gemma - January 4

I really like Ocean Elizabeth


krc - January 4

yeah..she'll be teased big time !!!! she'll most likely go by her middle name. It reminds me of that company called OSHA...the ones who give out safety violations! haha


H - January 4

I am having a little girl and yours and my situation are identical. I want my husband's mother's name which is also Elizabeth to be the middle name and I also brought up the name Ocean! You see I want my little girls first name to begin with an O and liked that name but everyone tells me it is way too strange and my husband hates it. I myself havn't gotten one possitive answer about Ocean, sorry to say.


sye - January 4

i think it's an usual name...i personally like unusual names instead of common names...my daughter is named satori



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