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Lyn (from australia) - January 17

hi all.....last month i was in here coz i really thought i was pregnant. but on 24th of dec i got my period big downer for christmas :-( anyway my and my bf worked out a around about date on when i thought i should be ovulating and for that whole week every second day we "tryed". my period is due on friday the 21st of jan ...ok here are my questions i dont know much about this if someone could tell me plz but does every woman get implantion bleeding or what ever its called ive had 2 kids b4 i from what i can remember i never got it hmmmm???? and my other thing is this month i havent been watching everything my body has been doin coz i got myself so worked up last month i dont think i could handle another neg this month. but the only things i have nothiced that may be signs are ....im more hungry then normal ......im peeing a little more then normal but when i got to go, i got to go my bladder seems weaker im alot more tired then normal ive had a few arvo sleeps during the day coz of being too tired and couldnt stay awake .......which is not like me coz im used to having to stay awake all day coz i have a 4 and 6 yr boy and girl and they keep me on my toes..... i have also been feeling dizzy alot it comes and gose but at least once a day i feel dizzy .......all of these smptoms have only been happeing in the last 7- 10 days...............any way ill go now and wait for ur thoughts........ thanx for reading good luck to all of u (hugz to all)


kat - January 17

not everyone gets implantation bleeding.


MY OPINION - January 17

If you are unwed and already have 2 children don't you think you should wait until you settle down to have another child. Is this man the father of your other 2 children? What if he leaves. Not to mention you are not supposed to fornicate out of wed lock much less knowingly bring a child in to this world. Maybe you need to take a step back and see what examples you are setting for you children. S_x out of wed lock, babies because you are selfish and think you want one. Grow up, get married have a family and then think about adding to it.


Jenny - January 17

Way to go Lyn...:)


RITA - January 17

FOR MY OPINION:::when I last checked, this site was for people to ask eachother questions about ttc, pregnancy and the birth process. You need to sooo get over yourself, and take your moralistic views to a different website! Perhaps a website for other sharing YOUR OPIONION would be more appropriate for the response which you gave to one's question.


Colleen - January 17

O.k another one for MY OPINION....a piece of paper and a marriage are NO guarantee that a child will be loved and cared for you moron....and what if she were married, does that mean she would love the baby more? OF COURSE NOT!!!! Marriage is not a guarantee that you will be happy....there is a reason 1 out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce. GET A LIFE YOU LOSER!!! You can keep YOUR OPINION to yourself next time DUMB-ASS!!! O.k now that thats out of the way....My friend didnt get an bleeding with her pregnancy. As for mine, my first symptoms were peeing A LOT and being extra tired too! So there is a possibility you are preggo!!! And if so, GOOD LUCK!!!!



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