Would You Get Rid Of Your Dog

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Leahp - March 14

Hey ladies, I don't know if some of you have read my other thread about anxiety, but I have also realized that my large dog is partly the problem. It has been an on going problem between my husband and I and now yesterday evening our dog knocked over our 18 month old to the point where she almost cracked her head against the ground. Luckily it was on the grass, but we have a concrete patio and all it would take is the wrong fall. We also can't even sit in our backyard with out our Newfie barking loudly at the neighbors kids and dog and running around being rough. She's usually pretty good with our dd but she's unpredictable and doesn't know just how large she is. So I don't necessarily blame our dog. But it's just not relaxing at all to sit in our backyard to let our dd play. What would you do?? We've had her for four and half years and I just feel horrible trying to find a new home for her, she's attached to us, but if she's another root of the anxiety problem I'm having do I get rid of her, or deal with it?


filly06 - March 14

Well, if keeping your dog is what you really want to do, maybe you could take her to obedience cla__ses. There are also humane bark collars you can purchase for barking. I have worked with a few dog rescues in the past and we usually would have a handful that would always come thru due to a baby in the house. I really think in the end the owner makes that decision in the best interest of their family. But I am sure if there were a way that you could all enjoy and live together it would be a great joy for you and your family.


lawlady72 - March 14

I say training. I am in a similar situation. I have 2 dogs and my home is no at all large and on days when they get under foot it's hard to imagine that and another child. Then I think of my Aunt who raised 11 kids in a fourbedroom house w/2dogs. They survived. or my Gramma who had 9 kids. If your worried about safety you should make playtime seperate. Kids in yard, then dog in yard until the little one are old enough to handle it or the dog is older and has calmed. My pointer mix is 8.5 yrs and she just got rid of her hyperactivity this year and her tail???? It's lethal, she's broken it 2x just by wagging, so if she hits you it REALLY hurts. Hang in there.


big belly - March 14

I would never get rid of my dog for any reason. The thing about them is they dont do bad things or hurt people on purpose. There are those bad dogs that attack and fight, but they are trained to do so. Im sure your dog is not purposley trying to hurt anyone or annoy you. Try some home training. Give treats for good behavior and timeouts for bad. Keep her on a leash in the yard so she knows to stay close to you. Tell her to sit next to you and give her treats for listening. Obedience cla__ses can be very expencive. And i believe you can teach the same things at home. Good luck.


Leahp - March 14

Well, I know all of you truly believe in making it work no matter the circ_mstances and believe me this is terribly hard for me, but it's past obedience training, she has bit three people and has growled at other little kids, I have talked to Newfoundland breeders and rescuers and experts say she is not a typical newfoundland. I just had a friend here at work tell me that I can't replace my baby if she was to ever get fatally hurt but I can get rid of the dog, so that just laid it out for me. My dog is very sweet, and is labeled as a family friendly dog that's why I bought her before I was pregnant, I knew she would be great, but life doesn't always work out as anticipated. Big belly, what if your dog bit your child in the face??? You still wouldn't get rid of your dog. I'm a very huge supporter of animals and that they are very innocent compared to us humans. But I've just heard a lot of stories of great and sweet dogs turning on their owners. I've seen an agressive side to my dog and have given it much thought through out the day and I thank you all for your responses. But my child comes first!


denimb__terfly - March 14

Leahp I had to just find a home for our dog because I was so stressed and feeling sick all the time and this will be our 3rd child, and honestly, I did not think I was providing her as good a home as she could have. She is a good dog and I am sure the family she is with will give her a good home. In the end, you need to remember that dogs are pets not people. I was giving more time to my dog then my 2 children and that is just not working for me. I am not a bad person and I do love animals, but I did what is best for my family first.


Leahp - March 14

Hey Denimb___terfly, I don't think you're a bad person by any means, that's where I'm at. I feel guilt all the time for my poor dog and for my child, she doesn't have the freedom to run around the backyard, my dog takes over, my dog doesn't have the freedom of the house. She hardly gets any attention now, and I do believe she could use a home that can give her that. I feel your stress, my problem is getting past the whole adoption process and getting rid of her, how did you go about it???


Tessia - March 14

I say it depends on the dog I have 2 pit bull cross labs and my daughter now almost 11 months would be heart broken without them they are there for her all the time and by no means would they even step on her they are so carefull . They wont leave her side and its such a joy to watch her laugh and them all play togheter hey it helps me out alot .


yumymumy - March 16

we got a puppy the weekend i happened to give birth to my son, at that time we also had a maltese who was 2 and half. having 2 young dogs was a handful with a new born, me and hubby where always arguing about the dogs. we ended up giving the puppie we got the saem weekend i gave birth, away not long ago acutaly we tryed for about 15 months with the puppie but it was too much, me peronaly i know she would have a happier life in another home, she wasnt getting the attention she deserved, if anything she was getting told off for not jumping on the baby or ripping my sons toys up. its unwanted stress so it was the best thing for us. as for our other existing dog, i gave her to my parents (where she origionaly lived) so i still see her so it wasnt as if i gave her away fully, she also gets all the attention in the world. there was a few times the puppie we had would know our boy over and it wasnt the dogs fault, she didnt mean to hurt him but i couldnt deal with it. i plan to get a dog when my children are older. plus another thing. i know this might sound really selfish and silly, but my son now enjoys that he can play and roll around in the gra__s now without laying in dog poop, also i love not having to pick it up everytime b4 i let my son out!!!...


yumymumy - March 16

Leahp.. when we made a final decision to get rid of our dog, it took weeks maybe even a month or two. we just put flyers up around local shops and supermarkets but we didnt get anyone really interested. she was a pure breed aswel. in the end we took her to a dogs shelter we payed $40 and they take her, clean her up and get her a new home. they told me she would for sure get a new home and not be put down because she is a puppie still, and a pure breed. then we got a call, she did get a new home. good luck!


Leahp - March 16

Boy, do I hear ya on that!!! I've already had to clean my dd's shoes and she can't run in the yard or our dog thinks she's playing and runs full force, it's just so stressful. I do understand that it's not the dogs fault but it is definitely another added stress!! I wish my parents would take her, they talked about it, but she is ALOT of maintenance being a Newfoundland in all! I just love her droppy eyes everytime I look at her and think about giving her up, I cry, but I'm being selfish if I didn't try to give her a better life!!


Kristin11 - March 16

Leahp i had to get rid of my shepard we had when my dd was just over a year. She was a rescue dog that we had saved, she had been beaten as a puppy. She was great till my dd came along, she was very large and tended to not notice her size either, She suddenly started showing aggresive tendencies and the final straw was when she turned on our other dog with whom she was raised with and we had to rush her to the vet because the dog had hurt her so bad. It made me nervous and i didnt want something like this happening to our dd. We did however go to the point of finding her a home with friends of ours that didnt have small children with whom we knew would give her a great home. SHe is still with them to this day. I felt bad about getting rid of her, but my daughters safety was much more inportant to me, i would never have forgiven myself if she had done soemthing to my dd.


julie0819 - March 16

No, you should not get rid of your dog. When you adopted the dog it became your responsibilty to love and care for the dog its entire life. I have 4 huskies and know that it will be difficult with a newborn, but its okay to have challenges. Their are countless dogs put to death each day because they are no longer convient to their owner or are now a ha__sle. And even if you found a new owner your dog will spend the rest of its life with an achy heart wonder when his parents will come get him and what he did wrong to no longer be loved. I would work on some more training with your dog.


Leahp - March 16

My dog is suffering from an achey heart right now because she does not get the proper attention. I'm sure if I give her to someone that will love her and show her that love she will be much happier. I take it that you are pregnant and haven't had the baby yet??? Since you said "I know it will be difficult with a newborn" well, I said the same thing!!! That all completely changes once that little miracle comes into your world. I thought it would be great to raise my baby with a dog, but there are aspects of it that I never ever once thought of, I give you props, but I can also say, you'll see!!!


lawlady72 - March 16

Different situ all together if the dog is aggressive!!!!! You never mentioned she bit people or growled at children. You human family takes priority. The "animal lovers" who would say keep the pet no matter what are not animal lovers at all. Animals should be placed in homes appropriate to their personalities. your dog needs a home with someone who can spend lot's of one on one time and provide training and DOES NOT have children. A newfie is a huge, strong dog and if it's unpredictable you're asking for trouble. I would get rid of my dog in a heartbeat if I thought my child may be threatened aggressively.


Val - March 16

Your commitment to a dog is not the same as the commitment to a child - you are not responsible for loving and caring for the dog it's entire life if the dog is threatening the safety of your children or other children. If it is showing aggressive tendencies or threatening your child in other ways, you are not at all a bad person for finding a new home for the dog. Every dog (and every breed) is different and despite the best of intentions and training, some situations are just not right for a dog. The dog will not need years of therapy if you find a new home for him... he will adjust. We have 2 rescued dogs who I love, but if they threaten our baby after he arrives, I would think seriously about finding a new home for them, or at the very least, eliminating contact between the child and the dog (build a dog run, etc.). It's not just an anxiety issue or a convenience issue - it's a safety issue and your child (and other children) should come first. Best of luck to you - I know it must be difficult!


big belly - March 16

If your dog is aggressive thats diffrent. Then you need to make the decission. I know for a fact my dog would never turn on me or bite a child. So i can say id never get rid of him. If you cant be cirtain of that, you may have to make some sacrifices. As for the family coming first, not everyone feels as strongly as i do about it, but he is one of my kids. He is a very big part of our family. I would never give up one of my kids, and i would never give up my dog. Im not critisizing anyone for being diffrent then me. Some people have dogs to be pets, protecters, or just friends. But i personaly have never considered my dog, a dog, of any kind. He is my son, who just happenes to be k-9.



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