Would You Name After The Dead

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AHHH! - November 3

Would you name your baby after a family member, or anyone, just because they're deceased, when you or your partner never knew the person? EX: Say your partner has a couple of aunts who died as a child, or young adult(20's), and they want to name your daughter after them just because they're dead.Not to remember the good things about them. They didn't know them, or rarely ever heard about them, so the only thing they know about them is how the aunt died.


Mary - November 3

In the Jewish religion, naming a child after a dead person, means that someone on this Earth has remembered them. When the dead are buried stones are placed on their eyes so they cannot see heaven until someone on Earth names a child after the one that died. When that happens the person can finally see heaven. I know this may not be your religion, but I think it is so nice to have someone else remember you even if you were a distant aunt.


Mommy - November 3

I named my oldest son after my grandpa. I think he died when I was about 2. I never knew him but in respect for his memory I named my son Zane Mason, Mason being my grandpas middle name. You should just go with whatever you feel you want. After all, their name is something they are going to have for at least 18 years if they decide to change it. :o)


? - November 3

How is someone supposed to remember you if they didn't know you. They only knew what they heard. I wouldn't want to be remembered only as someone who killed themself for example. You can't remember who you don't know. That should be up to the people who knew the deceased.


Dawn - November 3

I would only name my child after someone that actually meant something to either my husband or I....For example my mother died when I was 14, so if I get pregnant (hoping) and it's a girl that will be her middle name. It's really your decision, it's your child...Good Luck with your naming dilemna!!!


AHHH! - November 3

I agree with Dawn. My mom's grandmother was better to her than her mother was. Her mother was very abusive, so I have alot of respect for her grandmother even though I only knew her for a short time. I could see for myself the truth in what a great woman she was. I didn't just have stories.If I had another girl, I would probably name her after her.


HH - November 4

I would name a baby after my mother's brother who does at 6 months, but it would be more to honor my grandmother because itwould be important to her. Most importantly, I like the name.


to AHHH! - November 4

for me.....it all depends. if let say my mother or my father had a bro/sis. that died b4 i even met them i would probably consider but i would to get an approval from my hubby ofcourse.


Lissi - November 4

I would name after the dead, and was thinking of giving my daughter her great great grandmother's name, as a middle name, but my hubby is from Russia and he says it's considered bad luck in his country. Personally, I think it's a honor to someone's memory if you name a child after them, and I'm not superst_tious.


Beth S - November 4

My little boy is named after my husbands grandfather but only because i loved the name


AHHH! - November 4

My husband just wants to name ours after his uncles to say he named someone after his mother's side. But one uncle died of S.I.D.S., and the other killed himself over a girlfriend by smashing his car into a tree. He doesn't know anything else about either of them. Why want to remember that everytime you thought of your baby's name?


:o) - November 4

If you really do not want to name your baby after your husbands uncles then don't. I think it is very nice to honor someone who has pa__sed by naming a new baby after them, but if it is something that is going to bother you don't do it, this will be your baby's name forever so you need to like it!


AHHH! - November 4

I agree. I've already told him that the names are out of the question. I let him know right off that I'm not even going to think about naming a baby those names. But I was just wondering what others thought of the idea.


Jbear - November 5

I named my first daughter after my husband's stepmother, who died almost a year before my daughter was born. I really liked the name, and also I was really angry with my MIL, so using the name suited me. But I wouldn't have done it if I didn't like the name.


Gemma - November 6

I would only name my child after somebody that has pa__sed away if I knew and loved the person or my partner did.


mom42 - November 7

My second daughter has her great-great grandmother's name. I didn't know her, but I liked the name and thought it was neat for her to have a name that was part of our family's history. My first daughter shares a middle name with my granmother, who has pa__sed away. I initially wanted a Polish name or at least middle name, since my husband's family is Polish. A quick search of Polish women's names stopped that plan short, though! Since no one can pronounce our last name, I thought I should stick with an easy first name.


Mommie_Wanna_Be! - November 7

If I am blessed with getting pregnant with a boy, his middle name will be JAMES after my Grandpa. My partner and I adore him, and admire him, and he is still with us. It would be an honor. I would consider my grandmas name, but her name is Verda and my great grand ma is Exabelle "exa".....those are pretty hard to work with.............. :)



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