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Carol - April 12

I had my first u/s done yesterday. The tech said that I was measuring nine weeks and my due date is November 15. When I first went to the Dr. my due date was Nov. 25. This is what I don't understand, the first day of my LMP was March 17 only 7 1/2 weeks ago...so how I can possibly be nine weeks????


nhb - April 12

Maybe you had a period during your pregnancy; it's not unheard of . . . I'm almost exactly the same as you--I'm due Nov 16th, 9 weeks tomorrow!


tiffani - April 12

My due date got changed at my ultrasound last Friday, they set the date back from Oct. 26 to Nov. 7th. The Nov. 7th doesn't figure right if you use my last period. Basically, what it comes down to is the day the sperm met the egg. If the egg and sperm took 5 days to meet, you can see why the dates change. A ultrasound done in the first trimester is very accurate, within a few days because babies at this stage generally grow at the same rate.


C - April 12

So if i had a Ultra sound done and it said 9 weeks and six days more than likely it's right because it was during the fist trimester?


tiffani - April 12

C~ Yes, that is correct, at least according to my doctor and sonographer. :o)


yours turdly - April 12

Sometimes doctors refer to the gestational age of the baby rather than the pregnancy age. It is different by two weeks.


mazza - April 13

so when i had an ultrasound and they say the bay is at 8 weeks 2 days, does that mean i am actually 10 weeks 2 days pregnant?


Carol - April 13

I really don't know, but something isn't right. I can't be further along than my LMP. If you were looking at actual gestatioanl age, the baby should only be 5 or 6 weeks since you typically conceive 10 day after you LMP. I know exaclty when I conceived.....something very strange going on. I guess I just have an overachieving child!!


J2ahn - May 15

Thank you for posting. I was thinking something was very wrong. The same thing just happened to me. I had an u/s yesterday and the tech told me that I am 9wk4d. I should only be 7 wk5d. I know exactly when I concieved as we only got together that one time. It's no way I was pg before then and its no way I can be further along than the 7wks5d. I will allow 8wks because conception happened so fast after af but 9wk4d. That almost 10wks. It just didn't happen.


Christina - May 16

My Due date changed too. At first it was june 10th now i am due anyday.. i went to the doctor this morning and he said i could go anytime after thursday!!!! It is very confusing i know trust me!!!


Karen - May 17

Doctors usually count the beginning of your pregnancy as the LMP. So that is about 2 weeks before conception. They are going after a 40 week pregnancy. 40 weeks counts from the first day of your LMP. 38 weeks count from the day of conception. Hope this helps. I had the same thing happen. The doc was counting me at 17 1/2 weeks. When I went for my u/s to confirm it was changed to 18 1/2 weeks. So I am due the last week in September not the first week in October. I was told my baby was healthy and normal. At that point that is what mattered the most. They come when they are ready any way. Good luck to all you ladies.


Carla - May 26

I was gvien two different dates also. First I went to have my pregnancy terminated in which I believed I was only ten weeks because I didn't know they started with the first day of your lmp snd the place stopped at 12wks. When I gave the date of my lmp 8/14/04 she said if this is correct then you're 15wks. I told her that was wrong. But she did the ultrasound and I was 14wks well the baby was I was 16wks. So i decided to keep the baby. When I went to another doctors office 31/2wks later she told me I was 20 wks which i figured to be true if you added those two weeks. When I went to the Ob I decide to use the next week they sent me to another office to have another ultrasound done I was told the baby was only 18 weeks and 7oz which would put me at 20wks. I did some research on my own to make sure. My due date was changed from May 21-June 16 which I don't get. I almost went into labor on May 21 but when I gave them the two dates they went by June 16 gave me some medications to stop my uterus from contracting and sent me home. I haven't had a ultrasound since and I'm wondering now if I'm overdue. My doctors are the worst because they havent checked anything how much I'm dilated, they haven't done another ultrasound. I've been leaking fluids on and off. I've had blurred vision, i've had really bad menstrual like cramps, I've been seeing dots my blood pressure has been up and down. Everytime I tell the NP what's going on she brushes off like it's nothing and tells me it's probably something I've been eating. I've only seen the doctors twice. Once at an appt. and the 21st at tthe hospital two different people. The question above. It's nine weeks because they add two weeks. Like they say pregnancy lasts 40wks when in reality it's only 38wks.


britt - May 27

the ultrasound told me that any ultrasound before 12 weeks , was completely accurate, because up to 12 weeks it is simply cell division, after that its genetics



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