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Liz23 - February 7

Hi, I have been TTC and I ahd to go the Er today and get a X-Ray. They did put the protective gear on me because I said I was not sure if I was pregnant. Now I am worrying! Could something happen if I was pregnant? My period is due any day now. Thanks


Alycia - February 7

This is going to be of mixed rea__surance to you, but here goes... Before your period is due, if an embryo is exposed to radiation one of two things happens. One - there is damage, which is always very severe at that time and the embryo will usually die prior to the woman discovering she is pregnant. The damage is so severe because there are very few cells at this time, and even one damaged cell (which would give rise to millions of cells later on) has a great impact. Two (and this is more likely since you used the lead apron) - There is no damage, and the embryo will go on to grow provided it would have been viable anyway. Does that make sense? I think it's very likely that everything is just fine, as lead is a great barrier to radiation, and X-rays aren't terribly strong anyway. I know it's really hard, but try not to worry.


Liz23 - February 7

Hi Thanks, The lady in the X-ray room put 3 shields over me! I am so thankful she did! I wish that hospitals would just pregnancy test all women when they need an x-ray! I think it would make things so much easier. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


mrs.sarge - February 7

my doctor told me one wont hurt


Tye - February 7

I had the same concern. I didn't know if I was pregnant yet and had an X- ray of my right hip-and then found out I was pregnant!. I totally freaked out! My doctor said as long as they put a little protrction on it thats all that is needed- because I did the same thing you did and told them to cover up just to make sure. My doctor said even if I hadn't that they don't use the same amount of harmful rays as they use to so everything should be fine.


Liz23 - February 7

Thank you all so much for your help, Hugs!



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