Yah Ooo 7 Months

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Karen - July 5

I soo happy that I am into my third trimester with a little over two months to go before meeting the greatest love of my life. Many cheers and luck to all pregnant and baby dust to all TTC


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 5

I'm so happy for you......and jealous. 17 weeks to go here. :o)


abs - July 5

Congrats! I will be at 7 months next week!! I can't wait to see my boy!!!!


Lynn - July 5

Wtg Karen your almost there- only 86 days to go here too :)


Jamie - July 5

I'm down to the wire...36 days for me, and there's a strong possibility I'll go early. *please please please* I'm tired of being a big fat cow - and incredibly grateful humans don't have the gestational cycle of elephants. But, I think birds have it right...lay those eggs! Get 'em out QUICK! LOL


jb - July 5

Thats awesome. I am kinda jealous. I am only 8 weeks. I dont look or feel pregnant. I know my time will come thought :o)


Rachel* - July 5

I'm right there with you Karen :) I just turned 28 weeks today. What is your due date? Mine is 9/27. I'm having a girl. Do you know if you're having a girl or a boy? We're really getting close :)


Lissi - July 5

Congratulations Karen! Nearly there! I've got 9 more weeks and they seem to be flying by now, despite my discomfort. I keep looking at my crib and can't believe that my baby girl will be lying in it soon. SO EXCITED!!!!! :)


Liss - July 5

Congrats to all. I will be 36 weeks on saturday.hard toi belive how time flys.


Karen - July 5

Rachel I am due 9/25 maybe we will be in labor together. I having a boy, by the way he kicks I think I have a football star in there. Dont worry jb it will go my fast. I remember when I was 8 weeks now it seems so so far away. Oh Lissi I could not stand to put up my crib yet. I am waiting until next month when I will be only 3 -4 weeks to go. I keep going over my baby clothes and cant wait to put them on him. WOW 36 4 to go. Good for you.


Rachel* - July 5

Karen: You have a football star and I must have a very clumsy ballerina. Such big thuds! I swear she wants out sometimes!! How are you feeling? I am so tired lately. Sleeping at night is getting more and more difficult.


lovely bee - July 5

15 weeks here! congrats to all, ah to be 7 months soooooooo jelouse :p but at last it's a turning point we will all go through, for now i will just enjoy people wondering if i am just getting fat or am i pregnant, lol, can't wait to go shopping for baby stuff, next month i think, lots of love to all.


Just plain Lovely - July 6

My due date is sept 22, but my c-sec is scheduled for sept 8th.... only...10 weeks to go, i think... I have to check. Yikes!!! Nope... only 9 weeks to go!!!! I don't feel ready!!!! (did I mention we're moving in 3 weeks?!?!?!)


b - July 6



Karen - July 6

I am feeling the same Rachel, Heartburn and excess salvia keeps me up plus I think I have a sinus infection. Oh the joys Ha Oh and I cant remember what SLEEP is !!


m - July 6

Karen, I had been reading and responding to heartburn posts with a pa__sion, looking for relief. Yesterday, after calling my doc to say I just can't take it anymore, Tums just don't cut it, he told me to try Zantac 75. I took one pill yesterday and I am so happy I did. So is the baby. I finally ate dinner without heartburn. And today i still feel great. The feeling of normalcy has returned. Anyone who is just plain bothered by the heartburn and needs real relief , try the Zantac 75. I was losing my appet_te for weeks now, and I know that this isn't good for the baby. Finally I feel like I can look forwarding to eating without the pain afterwards (which lasted all day once it came on) BTW: i'm just getting ready to enter the 3rd tri too! I'm so happy! The homestretch!


HP - July 6

I just entered my 28th week, can't wait for the day I get to meet by son.



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