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Beccah - August 31

Go to and search for BabyDaze2005 to join the Yahoo!Group!! I've been waiting for this to come up, and I figured I'd let everyone know about it!


Lisa*9 - August 31

Sorry to say did you check with Taffani that's all


chelsey - August 31

I got the email that says to join...


Lissi - August 31

I still haven't sorted out a new email address, but I'll do it soon. Most of the people I knew have disappeared from this site. :(


Beccah - August 31

Why would I need to check with Tiffani? I thought this was supposed to be a yahoo group for everyone.


To Beccah - August 31

Taffani was the one who started the group didn't want to offend her feeling you know....Lisa*9


Ranya - September 1

Well I sent an e-mail earlier to be invited but didn't receive an invitation...guess I won't be asked to join. In any case, the stalkers are gone and this site is back to normal.


Lissi - September 1

Tiffani wanted to make sure that none of the psychos got onto the yahoo group, so she's being extra careful not to let people in if she doesn't recognise the name. Ranya, you're right, they seem to have gone now anyway. Did you include the name that you use on this site in the email you sent her?


Ranya - September 1

Lissi, I did, but it's ok, I'm sure she got lots of e-mails and it was difficult to keep track, I won't take it too personally :) Hopefully, the nice people who are joining the group will still check in here every now and then.


Narcissus - September 1

Ranya, I never got the invite to join, either. I think Tiff is busy...


Beccah - September 1

Well, First of all, I sent her an email about joining and didn't get a response. It seems like this is what happened to a lot of people. If Tiff wanted this to be a group where only certain ppl could join, then I wouldn't have been able to search for the name (that she posted on here) and join. It would have been a closed group. I hope she's not offended, but I have been waiting for something to come of this group and I'm sure there are other women like me. Whatever though. I was just trying to be nice and let you guys know that I was able to finally join.


To all you ladies - September 1

I hate to tell you ladies but no one can control who joins the group because it is public. You all are acting like a bunch of 10 year olds who have a cool club but have to meet certain criteria to join. Come on seriously. If you go to yahoo groups and search for babydaze2005 it is right there for whoever to join. Also they have other groups like this there to. If you want to join, go right ahead no one will care.


Narcissus - September 1

Yup, just figured that out. No invite required...


chelsey - September 1

Only 10 members? Common! Everybody wanted to join, and now nobody is? Where did everybody go? (sob) :( And there is nobody here either! Somebody talk to me!!!!!! Lissi - just over a week to go!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!


CEM - September 1

hey chelsey, i'm here. i can't figure out how to join the group so i'm still hanging around. i like it here too, though! hell, i'm not even pregnant anymore!!! how's life in calgary treating you?


chelsey - September 1

Hi! I'm not pregnant anymore either! This site is like crack, very addicting! Calgary is great! Weather is sort of nice! Getting ready for winter! You're in Denmark? right? Oh, how I'd love to be somewhere else at this moment!


CEM - September 1

glad to know i'm not alone with the cold weather. i thought i was the only one in the world getting ready for winter in september!! yeah, i'm in denmark and it's getting cold. this site is addictive, i've gotten very good at typing with one hand, it's pathetic! oh well, i'll start worrying when i'm leaving the baby crying on the sofa! are you a stay-at-home mom too?



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