Yall Wanna Hear Something Funny Then Read This

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kee kee - March 16

my friend who is about 2 months pregnant asked me the other day that if she use her vibrator will her baby get that shaken baby syndrome. lol


.... - March 16



terry - March 16

That didnt tickle me darling


To Kee Kee - March 16

Did i miss the funny part?


don't be mean - March 16

well there is many times when something very funny happens but then when you tell someone about it, its not funny anymore, because you have to be there to actually laugh about it, it has happened to me..so I guess we shouldn't be mean to Kee Kee.


? - March 17

what is wrong with the women on this forum!!! Why is it so hard for women to be nice to other women? I just don't get it! Kee Kee was just trying to put some humour in this forum. If you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say it at all! Such catty women!!!


To ? - March 17

people have there own opinions..its better writting something rather then nothing.. it wasnt funny end of story! maybe others think it is..so they will write in saying what they think.. just like they wrote in and said what they think.. leave people to do there own thing, its no big deal!


Jan - March 17

I agree.. we all have our own opinions, althought the women could of gone a diff away about it


wow - March 17

I never realized how much women have to take everything apart and a___lize it, even if it's suppose to be a joke...lighten up everyone...it was just a comment that someone thought was funny...man, sometimes it's a little embarra__sing to be a women...


wow - March 17



tara - March 17

This made me smile! teehee


C - March 17

That's freak'n hillarous!!!


.... - March 17

No.. if you think about it propper...it really isnt!


to whomever - March 17

thank u for all the guys who was nice to me. i know we have our own opinions but we dont have to be rude about it. if u didnt like it u didnt have to say anything. im new to this forum this is my first baby and i thought i found a site where i can talk to women who are down to earth and i would be able to share my thoughts with. may be i was wrong.


Donna - March 17

dont let the odd person put you off the site, sometimes that odd person is the only one casuing the trouble on this site by using different names and making it sound like theres a bunch of us being b___hy.. believe me this site is good for advice and help ive had alot of it and met alot of good friends of here :)


leslie - March 17

I know, this site is soo helpful...all the questions I have I don't know whom I would ask them to...and belive me I have questions everyday, as you may see! LOL! and what about the embarrasing questions like the one from doing it on the labor table? I would not be able to ask that to my dr.so don't worry ignore the mean people.


wow - March 17

hey, don't let these b___hes get you down....lol if anyone of their friends would have said that to them while they were there, they would not have said "Thats pathetic" or "That wasn't Funny"...they would have laughed they're pregnant little a__ses off...The majority of women on this site are VERY nice and will help you out with anything you need to know...but then there are a select few on here who have nothing better to do then to sit on their computers all d__n day and insult the things people have to say, me, I just ignore, but when I see that they have hurt someones feelings like yours...it just p__ses me off a little bit...and by the way...EVERYONE SINGLE ONE of these women had to be pregnant a first time and I'm SURE they ALL asked a wierd question like the one your friend asked so don't even let them make you feel bad...for example...I was afraid to have s_x with my husband the first time I was pregnant because I thought that his p___s may have poked our baby! Take care and like I said before...Don't let these b___hes get you all bent out of shape! :-)



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