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KM - November 17

I lost my plug today sorry, *TMI* I'm just so excited because now i feel like I am making progress! Does this mean I have to be dialated and effaced some?


Dez - November 17

:( how, tell me your secret, lol. I know it might be TMI but can you tell me in detail of what it was like, Im still waiting for something.


Ashley - November 18

from my experience, I lost my plug after my water broke, so labor is on its way like soon!! good luck


KM - November 18

I don't really know how, I think maybe because of s_x lol.okay I will tell you but its gross haha like a few days ago last week a few times when i went ot the bathroom i had kind of a discharge that looked like snot lol it was clear. and i haven't had any noticeable discharge my whole pregnancy.so I got kind of suspicious..now for the past 2/3 days it has been coming out in like really thick chunks, so it is obviously the plug! its just like clear/whitish color. but I haven't even felt contractions yet!!! lol. I think I may have had many braxton hicks but never really noticed cause i get tons of tightening


E - November 18

Woohoo!! Happy labor:)


veronica - November 18

km, you never know how soon, my sister was walking around for a week being 3 cem. dialated. Where as I with my first went from 3 cm when I walked into the hospital 20 min after I woke up with the first pain and five 3 hours later was ten cm and 21/2 hours after that I delivered. It goes ether fast or slow. Good Luck :-).


Ann - November 18

Dez-S_x really does speed up the process of going into labor. I had heard about it when I was pregnant with my son so I tried it and the next say I went into labor :)


KM - November 18

thanks :) I know sometimes you can be dialated forever and have nothing happen. But i am getting an induction on saturday and I am hoping that when I get there my cervix will at least be ready for labour and i will be effaced/dialated at least a little bit, because if not they are going to use cervidil.So im hoping that the pains i get, and losing my mucus plug at least means I have made progress in that sense


Dez - November 18

well then KM, I guess I am losing mine too becasue about a week ago I was getting a snot like discharge (not too much) and then this morning when I wiped I had about 2 tablespoons of clear, and green mucus *TMI* but I didnt think much of it because I have been waiting to see blood in it. so does that mean I lost my mucus plug too? even though there is no blood in it?


KM - November 19

yes, most likely Mine didnt have blood . it is just chunks of what looks like snot lol its clearish


lilmama - November 21

Not to disappoint you girls, but you can loose your plug up to a month before labor actually starts. When you see brown or pink streaks in the mucus, this means labor is soon to come. I lost my plug 3 weeks before giving birth the first time.



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