Yeah Im Pregnant But I Need Advice

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steph - October 8

Hey! I am 19 and me and my husband are having our first child. We just found out about 2 weeks ago from a home pregnancy test and then yesterday for sure at our family doctor. About a year ago I was pregnant and we didnt tell anyone. I was in a car accident and lost the baby. It was so hard to tell everyone after it all happened, but I really appreciated their support. I know if we told them now and then something tragic like that happened again, they would be greiving more than supporting. I just dont know when we should tell or how we should tell. I know they will be excited and I am not worried about that at all, but this is the first grandchild so just wondering how to make it memorable. Any ideas just let me know. Thanks moms and moms-to-be. P.S. Good luck to all of you out there that are so scared to tell. My advice to you is tell. No matter how much you think your parents are going to hate you, they never will, because they have either been there or known someone that has been there. Parents have all the answers. Thanks again and I would appreciate the comments on how to tell our families in a way they will remember forever.


E - October 8

Congrats!! We told some of our family immediately after we found out about our first two pregnancies but suffered miscarriages. We decided to wait until we had confirmation of high HcG levels and a verified heart beat (via ultrasound) before breaking the news again with the third. I think we told the family at 7 weeks for the third pregnancy? Good luck and enjoy the next 9 months!!


Ana - October 8

you can know the s_x of your baby right now...Ask me to [email protected]


Sonia - October 8

My whole family lived out-of-state when we got pregnant the first time. Naturally, as soon as I knew I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. However, I was scared of miscarriage so we decided to wait until 12 wks. Anyway, we had just built a house and we decided to have a huge Christmas party for both sides of the family at once. It worked perfectly because since they all lived out-of-state and had never seen our new built home I had to give them the tour. Of course, one of our 7 bedrooms was a nursery so my husband and I just casually walked into the room and I said and here's the nursery!!.. It was so great!! The Christmas party and announcement of our first baby has been the talk at all our Christmas parties since. Congrats on your pregnancy, doll. You sound so sweet and I am sure whatever way & whenever you decide to tell everyone will be just perfect!


tammy - October 9

Congrats! We My husband and I told everyone as soon as we lefted the doctor's office. At that time I was 4 wks and 5days ( I had a Ultrasound). Then two weeks later i had another ultrasound done and found out that we were having twins so we got to spread the good news twice. I'am 11 wks today. Best of luck to the both of you.


steph - October 15

Hey thanks for the ideas! We actually are just moving into a bigger home and will be starting the nursery soon. I really liked that idea so maybe it will work for us! Anyway I am now about 8 weeks along and we go to the doctor next week. Feel free to email us with advice at [email protected]


m - October 17

steph, congrats!!!! I have a friend who sent the parents and in-laws a bouquet of pink and blue balloons. I'm not sure what she wrote in the card, but the balloons got the message across and caused an awful lot of excitement. Good luck!



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