Yeast Infection Asap

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Meghan - July 19

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and have developed a yeast infection today. My dr's office is closed for the day and am looking for some advice. Since I have never had one... what do I treat it with? Are the treatments safe to use while pregnant? HELP GOING CRAZY!


Bea - July 19

Yes, the over-the-counter meds for yeast infections are safe ... my doc recommended the 7-day courses. (BTW, yeast infections are hard to get rid of while preggo ... i've had to do three rounds back-to-back to clear up mine ... fingers crossed it is finally cleared up!)


Meghan - July 19

Thank you so much. I have seen a commercial for Ovul, is it safe to insert this while pregnant?


MJM - July 19

My best friend is 11 weeks also and she has a Y I. The doctor told her there is nothing she can do for now. you have to wait until you are at a certain point in your pregnancy. So that is what my friend was told yesterday. If i were you i would just wait until you talk to your doctor when the office reopens.


kellie - July 19

My advice is do not use the 1 day treatments, they do not work! Plus the medicine is so strong it will burn your insides....OUCH!!!


Rachel - July 20

I had a horrible yeast infection shortly after I conceived (was taking amoxicillin), 2 drs told me it was safe to use monistat, but I was paranoid and waited till the 2nd trimester. I've also heard the terazol (rx) is safe. I think its okay to call the on-call nurse for this. Recently I've had some itching/redness/white discharge and thought I had another YI, however the dr did a culture and it came back clear. Be sure to eat lots of yogurt, drink lots of water, and avoid alot of sugar. (Which is hard b/c yogurt has tons of sugar, and I don't want to risk taking aspartame/splenda, even though my dr said its safe.) If you can stand it, try plain yogurt. I currently eat alot of oreo vanilla yogurt - it has the least amount of sugar than other yogurts, but no artificial sweetener, and I can stand it better than straight plain yogurt.) In a nutshell, call the on-call nurse!


Tammy - July 20

I am 26 weeks pregnant and have a yeast infection. My doctor advised me to use Monistat 7 only. They are hard to get rid of and keep gone. You can eat yogurt with Splenda. Splenda is made from natural sugar. My doctor says it is safe. They do not allow Equal, or Sweet n Low.



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