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ccliff - January 15

I went to my doctor last Monday, and she said that I have a yeast infection. The cream that she put me on seems to help to some degree, but I still have a burning feeling sometimes. Should I go back to the doctor? Or should I give the medicine a little more time to work?


savy - January 15

Yeast infections usually completely clear up (with no signs of discomfort) in 8-10 days from my experience, and it may depend on how severe your infection was and how your body deals with it. I would say if it's been more than 2 weeks since you began treatment, then you should consult your doctor. If not just wait it out for a few days. Good luck!


cindernar - January 15

I just got over one, and it took me a solid week and a half to get over it completely. I was still itching sometimes at a week. It did go away, though.


SaraH - January 15

Some of what you're feeling could just be irritation. While I did have 1 actual yeast infection, I've felt off and on many times during this pregnancy like I had another one. My doc said it's just due to irritation from all the extra moisture/discharge and that it's common for women to feel like they have an infection when they don't, just b/c of that irritation. So, maybe you're just experiencing some of that? Also eat a bunch of yogurt or take to your doc about taking Acidophilus. Acidophilus is the "good" bacteria that they use in yogurt and it's what is needed in your body to keep the "bad" bacteria/fugi from taking over. When you take an antibiotic or anything like that (although not sure about the fungal medicine that you'd use for a yeast infection as that's not the same as an antibiotic) it kills both the good and bad bacteria. So, by replenishing the "good" in your body by eating yogurt or taking capsules of it, it helps prevent future problems b/c the "good" has been replenished and is present to help keep the "bad" from over taking your system again. Anyways, to answer the whole wait longer or not question, if you're really feeling irritated you could try just calling the doc's office and talking the nurse/doc about if you should come back in. Good luck.


SaraH - January 15

--ps. Maybe you know this but just thought I add, that if you’re a bath taker, you should probably hold of on them for a while. If it is still a yeast infection, the warm/hot water from a bath can really help the yeast to thrive –which you obviously don’t want.



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