Yes Or No Questions Are You Preg 10 Months Or 9

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curious - May 1

I'm confused as h__l. 36 weeks is nine months, or 40? and are you preg nine or ten months, these docs need 2 be more specific...........thanx


erika - May 1

hi your actually pregnant 10 moon months, which r 28 day calendars. 36 weeks is beginning your ninth month.


BBK - May 1

36 weeks is not 9 months. It's a common mistake to a__sume that a month is 4 weeks but it's not. There are 52 weeks in a year and 12 months 26 weeks per half year, 13 weeks pre quarter. That would average out to 4.33 weeks per month, which would make 40 weeks closer to 9 months than 10. (9.2 months)


kd - May 1

according to a book my doctor gave me(preparing for a healthy baby) 1st month is 0-6 weeks, 2nd month is 6-10 weeks, 3rd month is 10-14 weeks, 4th month is 14-19 weeks, 5th month is 19-24 weeks, 6th month is 24-28 weeks, 7th month is 28-32 weeks, 8th month is 32-36 weeks, 9th month is 36-40 weeks. hope this helps.


Jessy - May 1

ok here's an easy explanation: say you got preg on the 1st of Jan...add 4 weeks at a time on your calendar...each one equals a month...once you get to the end of counting 9 months of 4 week intervals..that's your due date...I got pregnant just around Jan 1st but I couldn't say I was at 1 Month pregnant until 4 weeks later about February...get it? So my due date falls on Oct 1st which seems to be 10 months later than Jan 1st...but you can't be 1 month pregnant until you actually ARE, right? I know this is totally confusing..I was on my first one, too. I told everyone my baby was due in Aug and then my midwife said it was due in Sept...I was like WHAT?? haha, it was funny....pretty embara__sing...specially since I got married in it sounded like i had premarital s_x if they know how the months go...but I actually got preg 2 weeks after I got confusing!!! Now I'm on the third so I get it and learn, eh?? lol


Audrea - May 1

For the exact answer you would add 9 months plus 7 days to the first day of your very last menstrual cycle and that is 40 weeks exactly.


vanessa - May 1

i hope its help...just not count in month count on day in the first day of your LMP its will be 280 days of healthy preg. dont worry you will be not compused about that .


? - May 2

36 weeks is 9 months!


Audrea - May 2

36 weeks is not 9 months. To get a___lytical for those who need help in understanding,.... there are 52 weeks in a year and 12 months in a year. Divide 52 by 12 and you get 4.3 weeks per month. So that means 40 weeks in a pregnancy is actually 9 months plus one week.



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