You Have To Read This Ladys Storie

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momof3 - March 3 This story made me cry! I hope you all can see it..


rose - March 3

that story was so sad...i was hoping they were wrong the whole time!!!!


Missy - March 3



momof3 - March 3

I know I was hoping they were wrong too. I was crying sooo hard for like ten min..


Missy - March 3

I didn't even know what to type a few minutes ago...things like that put your life into perspective...that was an amazing story, so sad but uplifting at the same time, thanks for sharing!!


ttc - March 3

how in the H*** do you get that to open? I am so computer illiterate?Please help?


Lindsey - March 3

What a beautiful and sad story. I am practically in tears. May Ayame rest in peace. What a fighter!!


Rachel* - March 3

What a great story!! Thanks for sharing Momof3 :)


d - March 3

it was really sad to hear what they went through. i know it must've been hard the whole time she was pregnant while i am elated about having my baby. to ttc: highlight the web address with your mouse then right click. click on copy. go up to your address bar, right click then hit paste. then hit enter and it will take you right there.


Donna - March 3

aww wow what a very sad story :(


FF - March 3

what a heartbreaking story! it makes me even more thankful for all the wonderful things in my life, especially the precious gift growing inside me! thank you for sharing momof3


Tanya - March 3

That was a sad story, but shows that you gotta look at the bright side of things even when it's hard. There are such things as miracles. I like to think she lived long long enough just to teach her lesson. WOW


Ashley - March 3

Can someone please pa__s me the kleenex. That was so touching, thanks momof3.


Misty - March 4

Hello mommof3. I loved the story so I tried to copy and paste it in the pregnancy loss complications forum. I figured they would enjoy it, and it kept adding - signs into the address. I kept trying to fix and it and it kept makig it worse so now I have this whole long page written (just by me mind you) trying to tell people how to get to this site. :) I don't know that anyone will read down far enough to figure out how to read the story, lol. I look so stupid over there right about now.


Lovely - March 4

Damn you!!!! I was reading this story, really, just quite amazed that I had been able to open the file (thanks for the directions, btw!) and thought, oh, here's a wonderful little story that will wrap upi with love and hope... Then I read it ... the back labor part. I read that paragraph twice, sure I was misreading. Then began to weep so hard I couldn't see the screen in front of me.Recently, at my son's school, when my son announced he was going to be a big brother, a fellow mother scolded me when she heard I was only 6 weeks. She asked why I was telling people already. I told her, because I'm happy, and love my baby, whether it gets to be born or not, and everyone should have the opportunity to share in our joy. This story only confirmed it for me. 6 weeks, or 36 weeks, or just fresh from the womb, every baby deserves love.



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