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kim j - March 11

Well My hubby and I have been trying since Nov. month after month nothing.... So last month when I got my period in Feb. I decided I wanted to drop some pounds and get into better shape before getting Soooo we used condoms last month. Well March rolled around and no period so I decided to take a test( I knew it was neg) but it was a big fat POSITIVE. I have took 2 one at night and one in the morning. The 2 lines were very bold! I cant belive it. Go figure! We are so happy. We were going to go ahead and start trying again this month but looks like mission I am going to the doctor today. I will keep all of you posted. I use to be on this site all the time but left for a month. Hope eveyone is doing good.!


Lovely - March 11

It really is true.... when you stop trying... that's when it happens!!! LOL! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!! (so much for dropping pounds! -Hey! AND CONDOMS!!!! LOL!~)


~m~ - March 11

Congrats girl!!!! I'm so happy for you!!


tiffani - March 11

That's wonderful news~ Congratulations! I'm guessing you conceived in February?


Heidi - March 11

That's funny because I joined the gym to lose some weight and got pregnant the same weekend I joined!


~m~ - March 11

Lovely, I'm trying to adopt that theory! LOL I told hubby we need to stop "trying" and just enjoy s_x rather than make it all about ttc. S_x kitten I am! LOL


~m~ - March 11

Ok, now it's confirmed! I'm DEFINITELY staying on this weight loss kick! I decided to try to shed some pounds, so I'm about to go die hard on some weight loss! LOL Heidi, are there any particular machines you used???? LOL ----Sorry, kimj, not trying to steal your thunder, my dear!! :o) Congrats again!


Liz - March 11

Congrats Kim! That is Awesome and exciting news. Spread the dust : )


Lindsey To Kim J. - March 11

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The very best wishes to you and also a healthy pregnancy and baby! Send us all LOTS of baby dust!!!!!


lily - March 11

good luck and congrats...


kat - March 13

congrats kim :o)


Kim - March 13

Congratulations! So happy to hear your news! When are you due?


kim j - March 13

Hey ladies.... Not sure on due date. they gave me one in Oct and one in Nov. My mid wife is not sure when I actually conceived so I am having an ultra sound in two weeks. I will keep you all posted..... Thanks for the congrats!!!!


Dez - March 14

You go girl I am very happy for you and i hope you dont get too much morning sickness, lol. Thats what happened to me I gave up on trying excepted the fact that i couldnt have kids lost ten pounds started tanning and along came the morning sickness, lol now im blessed with a beautiful baby girl


Hayley - March 14

Congratulations Kim - don't things always happen when you least expect them to. I think it's fate. Good luck!


tara - March 14

Congrats kim j!!! that's so exciting. Let us know of the due date when you find out.



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