You Won T Believe What My In Laws Said

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SMB - August 6 my husband and I went on vacation last week and 2 days into it I started to bleed ( I was 5 weeks along) so I called my Dr. back home and she told me to go to the ER. Well, I miscarried and I was crushed as any woman would husband called my mother in-law (we were staying with her) to tell her the news and she was like "Where are you, everyone is here waiting to see you" as we are being discharged from the ER! Then I get cussed out for not being social and told that "I'm being selfish" and that "there is no baby at five weeks!!!", and that "I was having my period" and I was probably not even pregnant the first time! ( I had an aweful miscarriage last year and had to have 2 D&C's....I was 10 weeks that time). I'm finally home now and I'm sooo stressed out that my hair is falling out in big chunks! WTF!


leslie - August 6

SMB I am really sorry to hear about your loss. I have never gone thru a m/c but I can imagine and only imagine. imagine if I lived it...anyway I know you must feel very depressed and upset with your in-laws, I would had expected at least for them to be supportive..sometimes people can be so imature and don't even try to get in our shoes..and I say this b/c hubby's mom is kind of like that.. they open their mouth w/o even thinking, if they have nothing supportive to say they should stay quiet! anyway I hope you feel better..what was your hubby's reaction? was he the one that cussed at you?


Confused - August 6

I'm confused who cussed you out and why , who gave them the impression that you didn't m/c why are they a__suming there is no baby at 5 weeks ... huh??? where is all the mix up coming from ??? I'm confused


A - August 7

Your MIL sounds like a selfish b___h! Didn't your husband stick up for you? If that had happened to me, then I would have left imediately, f***k everyone else! I'm really sorry you had to go through this, it's totally unfair! Wish I could offer advice, but I know if it were me, I'd never want to see the MIL again, which may or may not be the wrong thing. I just feel if people aren't good to me, then I cut them out of my life. I guess this could cause problems between you and DH though, if he's close to his family. Does your husband know how you feel? Maybe he could have a chat with the "old dear" and explain how much you were hurting over the M/C and why she was wrong to talk to you in that way? If you fall pregnant again, maybe you should send her the stick you p__sed on as proof, and see what she thinks of that?! Lol! Your hair falling out in big chunks, could also be due to changes in your hormones. Hope you are feeling better soon. Don't let anyone rush you into feeling "happy". You need time to get over your loss. Wish you all the best. Take care.


Confused and Annoyed - August 7

tsk tsk tsk very quick to judge . Let the girl speak . I don't even know who's who in this situation.


melonbelly - August 7

Bless your heart. Not only do you have to go through having a m/c, you have to deal with idiots like that. I can't imagine a woman being so cruel and insensitive. If I were you, I would start developing boundaries with this woman right now, and limit your involvement with her. I hope your hubby has been supportive and stood by your side. He probably should've ripped her head off for treating you that way. I'm so sorry you're going through this.


Why so confused??? - August 7

She made it very clear in the t_tle of the question that it was the in-laws that cussed her. How many more facts can she give?


SMB - August 7

Hubby didnt say anything at first...(it was my MIL that cussed me out) but on our way home yesterday he called her to confront her about what she said and she gave me this half-a__sed "sorry". Whatever..I'm just glad to finally be home with my family. We are seeing a fertility specialist soon so maybe better luck next time!


A - August 7

Lets hope it's 3rd time lucky for you then! Hugs.


Lisa*9 - August 7

Glad to hear you husband had the backbone to stick up to you . Congradulate him on doing so. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband on your hands who dersevers to be a parent just like you. If not show him this thread. Baby Blessing to you all trying to concieve in the future?


linda - August 7

I have had a miscarage before no fun it takes alot out of you for a while not a day or month but it is something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. If they only understood. It sounds to me as if they are being selfish and really inconsiderate if they had any sence at all they would know there is a baby @ 5 weeks well theres life isn't that enough! sorry you are surronded by these people I don't mean to sound so hostile toward your fam but this just ppppppppppp me off. well GOOD LUCK!



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