You Wondered About Bacon When Pregnant Read This

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bacon lover - November 13

hi in the book "what to expect when your expecting " by Heidi Murkoff (very popular book) it says on page 149 "avoid foods preserved with nitrates (or sodium nitrates) including frankfurters, salami, luncheon meats, smoked fish and meats. Look for brands that do not include preservatives. (Keep in mind, however, that all ready to eat measts should be heated until steaming.) SO STAY AWAY FROM BACON WHEN PREGNANT! Sorry for all of you that love your bacon as do I but being pregnant I will not risk the nitrates to my fetus


pbj - November 13

Thanks for the heads up, but a lot of OB's do not advise using the advice in What to Expect simply because it is extreme and alarmist. I'm sure eating a little bacon is not going to hurt your baby. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and have eaten bacon a few times and my baby is fine. What to Expect also says that baby hiccups could mean that there's a knot in the umbilical cord which can be very dangerous. Baby hiccups are normal and rarely mean knots in the umbilical cord. (very rare!)


BB - November 13

I wouldnt get to worked up about it. I had plenty of BLT's when I was pregnant and my baby is healthy


l - November 13

I think everything in moderation. I've had some deli meat too and my baby's fine.


FYI - November 13

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about that book


bacon lover - November 13

gee thanks guys until today I had only heard good things about this book its a huge seller. I had not heard anything like you guys are saying about it being neg. Thanks for letting me know some bacon wont be so bad!!


about bacon - November 13

this is one of the items I read about bacon:1.) Weiners/ bacon have nitrates which are a known carcinogen giving higher incidence of cancerous brain tumors to newborn infants even if only FATHER ate weenies but much worse and higher incidence if mothers ate weenies / bacon during pregnancy. Get your sausages at healthfood store with NO nitrates!


FYI - November 13

My friend ate a TON of bacon when she was pregnant! She craved it like crazy and her baby was born with a kidney defect...I'm not sure if it was related, but I thought I'd pa__s that on!


To Bacon lover - November 13

I've been reading Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Dr Glade B. Curtis and Judith Schuler. It has really helped me. I haven't heard any negative things about What to Expect though.


??? - November 15

When you say stay away from meats, does that mean things like roasts, or fried meats? Or is it just bacon, hot dogs, sandwich meat? And have you heard anything about eating fried seafood? What is supposed to be wrong with eating those things anyway? I've never heard this before. What's it supposed to cause?



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