Your Belly Button

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KLT - June 23

Who's belly button has started to change? I'm due in October and this bellybutton of mine is doing weird things! First it hollowed out completely where the little button in the middle went MIA...just an empty its started to push out. The little button is back, but its on its way out. Totally weird! When do belly buttons start to pop during pregnancy??


livdea - June 23

sounds like right about now when your's is! mine was even for a while around 6 months and now recently at 37 weeks, it's out! totally out! and when I cough it goes in and out...cracks me up! Every body is different though and they can "pop" any time!


CaliTrish - June 23

I discovered the weirdest thing about my belly b___ton the other day - it's off center! It's been getting shallower over the past few weeks which I've been expecting, but the other day I noticed a fine line of hair from my bbs to my nethers and the center of my belly b___ton is about a 1/4-1/2 inch to the right. That's just weird.


CyndiG - June 23

CaliTrish, how funny you say that, cause mine is off center too! It was the same with my first daughter too. Mine didn't pop then and it's not looking like it's going to this time either.


flower.momma - June 23

mine stuck out for about a week last time, then went flat as a pancake, it looked like I just had a little scar there. It was weird. This time, I am only 17 weeks along, so I'm curious to see what mine will look like in a couple months.


Erynn21 - June 23

Not all belly b___tons pop, mine hasn't and I'm 30wks. I still have about an inch of depth left, we'll see if it does pop. Mine is super deep, so I don't know if it will, about a month ago it look almost as big as my mouth. It was cavernous.


HollyW - June 24

My belly b___ton is wierd lol. When I stand or sit up it sticks out, but when I lay down it doesn't and the skin on my belly around it is really soft.


squished - June 24

My belly b___ton went totally flat about 2 weeks ago when I was 19w. My stomach is pretty tan so it's hilarious looking. The inside of my belly b___ton is tan and the skin around it is tan, but there is a white ring in between the two cracks me up anytime I look at it!


sophandbob - June 24

My belly b___ton has been nicknamed the volcano because that is what it looks like - i am waiting for it to pop out completely. I am totally fixated with it - can't help but fiddle with it when i'm in the bath, and oddly enough it makes bob wiggle when i do.


KLT - June 24

Haha...CaliTrish, now that you've mentioned it..i'm looking at mine and its off centered too! And the color has changed to a little darker... My husband says it looks like a b___t-hole. haha! And the line at the top of my belly going up to my chest is not lined up with the line that goes from the bottom of my belly down. I'm totally being made fun of right now... ha.


kebs - June 26

Mine’s popped out before I started showing. I’m 18 weeks and am always getting picked at about my 3 nipples. My 2 b___st and my belly b___ton



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