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angel_girl - January 27

I think I am pg with #1. Still a little too early to tell, but dr, said the Mom just knows. Anyway, to the question.:-) I am very excited and yet really scared. Have any of you had this reaction? I want to have a baby but the financial responsibility scares me right now. I know there really is nothing to be worried about. My other half makes good $$$. Anyone have stories of mixed emotions when they were in my position?


Leahp - January 27

Hey angel girl!! I feel ya!! I'm not necessarily worried about the money, since somehow we always tend to make those things work! But just accepting that I'm carrying a little life and changing all of my old youthful habits to responsible ones is a lot to swallow!! My husband and I were completely expecting to get pregnant but boy did it happen fast!! So I'm a little shocked! I hope I will get more excited as the pregnancy goes along, at least then I can feel, see and hear the little guy via u/s!! Good luck to ya!!!


angel_girl - January 27

Thank you leahp. Its just nice to know someone else feels it too. Im not crazy. LOL Good luck! :-)


Becky - January 27

I'm very excited about the possibility about having a child. All the extra "youthful" habits stuff I do with my fiancee anyways...and it's normally just hanging out at someone's house, so that shouldn't change too long as we have time together, I'm happy. I don't need to go out a lot (though I'm sure I'll appreciate it as a break every now and then!). The thing I'm most worried about is my families reaction to being pregnant before we're married. We were planning on waiting till we were married to make love...but got in the way :-p


angel_girl - January 27

Becky- Im not married either. I wanted to wait until our original wedding date of Aug. of 06. My Mom is taking it well. Im not sure how my Dad will handle it. I think his parents will be ok. I just dont want to walk down the isle like the Stay Puff Marshmellow guy. LOL


tara - January 27

Hi, we decided it was time to have a baby a few months ago and when we found out how quickly we got pregnant it really hit us. We were both scared of not being ready after all. But once we talked our concerns over everything started to make sense again. I think it's completely normal to have mixed emotions...but we turn to each other for rea__surance and comfort. I was worried about finances mostly, but we are both working and make a decent amount to live with. And I know once the baby is here we won't be going out as much. My husband’s childhood was different from mine and he is not close to his family like I’m and that also worried me – that he may not be as ready as I’m. But after we both talked about everything it made me (and him) feel much better and secure about this baby. We are almost 14 weeks and my husband can't wait for the next Dr. appointment so he can hear the heart beat again. :o)



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