Your Opinions On Immunizations

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Lynn - May 17

What are everyones opinions on immunizations, particularly the Hepat_tis B that they give right after birth (in the US anyway). Thos eof you outside of the US, what do you countries require for vaccination?


dg - May 17

This is a tough question...i worry about autism and all the info that is still not out there. When i took my son for his 4mo check-up and immunizations I was very worried & hesitant but then what if he was to get sick and all because I did not protect him something awful could happen. I think it is better to protect them and leave the rest in the hands of God. Good Luck!


JenniferB - May 17

Look on the Infant Care forum. I bumped up a thread on the subject. As usual, not everyone is nice about it, but there is a lot of info. :0)


Carol - May 17

I have a friend who has chosen not to immunize her child. I think this is just terrible! Imagine if your child got polio or something. Also, I don't know how long you could actually get away with this as your child cannot enter school nor any daycare without his or her immunizations, so I think you are pretty much stuck getting them. I also wonder if this borders on neglect. Imagine how you would feel if your child ended up with a terrible disease because they weren't immunized. I know the instances of these disease are rare, but that is because we are vaccinized. I know someone who has polio and it is a terrible thing. He walks on braces or uses a wheelchair. I wouldn't want to risk that for my child.


forgot to tell you - May 17

"to vaccinate or not to" is the subject heading


Lynn - May 17

Thanks Jennifer B - I'm heading over there now. Just to let everyone know - I'm not against vaccination. I just want to hear everyones opinions on it. My uncle had polio when he was young.. I think that the "old" vaccines are perfectly safe. However, I think that maybe we are getting to a little over-vaccinated. Personally, I don;t think that the HepB vaccine is necessary if you aren't high risk & I personally am hesistant about pumping a bunch of stuff into my child in his first 12 hours of life.. Maybe its better to wait a couple of months first?


BBK - May 17

Good question. When there are two sides to an issue the *truth* is somewhere in the middle. I know doctors on both sides of the fence and I guess we'll be going WITH vaccinations, but delay them as long as possible after birth. The colostrum should pa__s many of my wife's antibodies to the baby. There have been problems with vaccines, but from what I gather, the anti-vaccine advocates are b__wing things out of proportion. I don't see the need to vaccinate a brand-new newborn though, and some of the vaccines are “a pound of prevention for an ounce of cure”, like say influenza?! Most of the time the strain is different than the vaccine, and can make the baby sick anyway?! We'll be doing the ones required by schools and as late as possible.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 17

While there is a suspected link between immunizations and Autism, you have to take into account the odds of it occuring. A good friend of mine has an Autistic son, so she enlightened me when it came to getting all the required immunizations. Autism occurs most often in first born boys. The MMR vaccine is the one that takes the blame these days. It's thought to be the 3rd dose of the MMR vaccine that is the cause. THIS HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN, ONLY SUSPECTED. It seems obvious to me that there has to be some underlying factors that contribute to the onset of Autism, not just a vaccine, or you would see many more children with it. Think of the millions of healthy children, all who have had immunizations. Their lives may have been protected by these vaccines, as opposed to harmed by them. We aren't given a lot of choice when it comes to having our children vaccinated, it's almost mandatory. I try to not over a___lyze everything and go with the flow, as long as the flow seems to be thriving. :o)


JenniferB - May 17

My stepson is autistic and we were very nervous about giving my son the MMR. It does seem as though the MMR may trigger autism in some kids but they haven't proven that. My husband has three people on his side of the family with autistic spectrum disorders. From all of the conversations with parents of autistic kids over the years we found that many of them do have others in the family with autism. We have come to the conclusion that some people are prone to autism like some are prone to cancer. A person may smoke their whole life and never get cancer while someone else isn't as lucky. We did decide to vaccinate my son because the doctor showed me the label on the vaccine. It was a newer version of the shot that does not contain preservatives (mercury). After all that babbling, I think most kids are fine after they get vaccinations. I do agree with others that they are getting a bit carried away with the amount of vaccinations.


Tami - May 17

As someone who has lived in a country that does not offer immunizations, and seen the devastating effects I would highly recommend having your child receive them. Many people don't realize that polio, typhoid and other sicknesses are still rampant throughout the world, and coming back in the the United States. Some reasons for this are is that people are not getting their immunization. My husband and I have weiged the risks, and decided it is better for our child to have the immunization rather than risk getting something that is more likely to cause death or permanent disabilities. Believe me, seeing a child crawling on thier hands through the dirt becuase polio crippled them when they were younger is a very humbling experience and I want to protect my child as best I can.


Jodie - May 17

I have decided to give my baby the Hep B vacination right after birth as if you leave it til later they require more shots. I do know a couple of people with Hep B but they wont be around the baby , but i have seen the suffering caused from this disease and would rather be safe than sorry


CLEAR! - May 24



ang - May 24

i got severe rhumatoid arthritis at age 2 as a reaction from a rubella vaccination........i was in lots of pain growing up, had 2 hip replacements at 26 and cannot touch below my knees or above my does happen.....


Lynn - May 25

If I have the HepB vaccination, won't the baby receive some of the antibodies from me?


Wow - May 25

I am impressed! There was actually a useful link over there>>


ES - May 25

I am in favor of immunizations but that being said I am refusing the Hep B vaccine at birth. I see no need for it. I am vaccinated as is my husband and we will be the only care givers that routinely face exposure risks so I feel that at this point it is unnecessary. Other than that I agree that it is important to keep the diseases at bay and vaccinating has done this. Also with my husband in the military there is a high likelyhood that we will take our children to other countries and they may face exposure to diseases not commonly seen in the US.


P - May 25

I live in Canada and as far as I know we are required by law to vaccinate. I know I won't be able to send my little girl to school without them as you have to show proof of vaccination upon registration. They get them at 2mos, 4, 6, 12, 18mos and so on. No Hep B as far as I know. I try not to read too much about them because I don't have a choice and what I've read freaks me out. I do trust my doctor and I know he'll do what he thinks is safest for my baby.



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