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Heavenly - March 15

Just wondering if any of you ladies may have experienced the following....for the past two days now I have had alot of pressure at my ribs. I know my munchkin's head is up there but the pain I feel is so weird. First it started off feeling cold like someone placed ice on the area. Then I started getting sharp pains like I was being poked with a lot of pressure. Now it keeps getting numb. I am so tripping! Along with that I am having braxton hix. Am I falling apart?


Mindy - March 15

no honey you'll be fine...welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy. depending on how far along you are it may be the babys feet stretching into your ribs...atleast that was the case for me. just think if it's about the time to deliver once you do you look at the baby then look at your tummy and you'll understand!!! :)~


rose - March 16

that happened to me in both my pregnancies...eventually my bottom ribs and sternum were completely numb...i really wanted to reach in there and rip a couple out..haha...it was my biggest complaint during my pregnancies!!!!


Heavenly - March 16

Thank you Mindy & Rose. That eases my mind alot! I was just about to call my Dr's office again and try to schedule an early appt cause it just hasn't stopped in 3 days. I am currently 29 weeks. My doc says that the baby's head is at my ribs and her b___t is beside my belly b___ton. He says she may be getting ready to flip. I wish she would. I have tried rubbing her back, applying ice, and even a warm bath. Nope she won't budge. She moves around but goes back to the same spot and position.


Mindy - March 16

No problem...oh and good luck with everything


Lindsey - March 16

I had something similar to that with my pregnancy. The only difference was the excrutiating pain I was in. Found out I had stones in my gallbladder and had to wait the whole pregnancy out. It was miserable! But what did seem to help was a back brace that went around my side and applied pressure. That got me through my whole pregnancy. After my son was born, I had to have surgery 4 weeks later. I'm not at all saying that's what you have, but I thought I'd share my experience.



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