21 And In College

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james - June 10

im 21 years old my girlfriend is 17 soon to be 18 and three weeks pregnant my worries are about being able to finish school and have a good career so i can provide for this baby, her parents arent ok with us being together so i doubt there going to support us i dont know what to think now, i just need advice any would be good and by the way 16 is legal consent as long as were within four years of each other so please dont give me the thats illeagal any other advice would be great thanks


Kerry - June 11

James how long do you have left in school? How do your parents feel? Whatever you do don't drop out of school its very important you finish for you and your child. Are you still living with your parents? Sorry for all the questions but I can't really give you advice without the whole story.


james - June 11

I have maybe a year or a year and a half depending on how the next few semesters go. My parents dont know yet i mean i just found out im still trying to get my head around it. Yes im still living with my parents but im looking for an apartment today actually.


heather - June 13

james i hope that you are ok...it seems like you are in a very stressful situation. do you want to talk about it?


james - June 13

yeah i always want to talk it seems the more people i talk to the more i get things in perspective


CL - June 13

Definetly stay in school. The struggle will be worth it in the long run. Is your girlfriend moving in with you and option? It would be an easy way to get around her parents, yet it will also show them that you are going to be a great provider and dad. And that the two of you are responsible enough to do this on your own. They will come around in no time. They might be angry with you and your girlfriend now, but once they see your new baby their anger will decrease.


Kerry - June 14

I totally agree with CL when her parents lay eyes on their grand baby they will melt once they have time to ajust to it they will come around like you said your still ajusting. Stay in school if they see your being responsible and trying to make something of your self they will feel better after all your girlfriend is their baby, they just want whats best for her.You need to talk to your parents I'm sure they will help as much as they can if they get upset just remember they are just concerned if you tell them your going to stay in school I'm sure they will be happy they want you to have a great life to.I hope your girlfriend also has plans to finish high school if she doesn't want to go to her regular school while she's pregnant there are always other options.Hang in there and keep us updated I'm sure it will all work out.


james - June 15

so heres my update for everyone she was never really pregnant she lied to me about it and she lied to me about getting an abortion she was fine got her period on time, she now has a boyfriend i didnt know about she has been seeing him for two weeks, i found out about him last night, she never wants to see me again. thanks everybody for your support through this hard time feel free to reply


Kerry - June 15

James sorry to hear the news about the other guy I know you probably don't want to hear this but if she's going to lie about things like that your better off without her.I think your a stand up guy you were going to change your life completly for her and this pretend baby that just shows how mature you are, they say girls mature faster mentally than men but in this case shes the looser.Finish your school your off to a very bright future just remember that!!! Good luck and take care


CL - June 15

That's terrible.



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