A Manual For Expectant Dads

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Daisy Jean - May 3

Ladies, what do you want men to know about how to help you through pregnancy and delivery? This is your chance to help set them straight!


prego nc - May 3

go out and buy "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy:. I know it's meant for women but it is so down to earth and SO, SO true and funny!! You will learn everything you need to know from that book. A friend gave me the book and after I read it I would catch my bf sneaking around to read it!!! FUNNY!


Daisy Jean - May 4

Hi, Prego! Thanks. That book does have alot of good info, but it is not my favorite because it is a little down on natural birth. That's just fair warning for anyone out there who is hoping for a natural birth. I was looking for practical tips from the regular gals on this site. How can husbands/boyfriends/partners help best?


Jay - May 4

I'm 26 weeks preg. after 2 miscarriages, including one late-term mc. This time around, Baby's doing just fine, but mommy's not doing so great. My DH helps out by doing the little everyday things - it's hard for me to be on my feet, so he'll put laundry in the machines, and then just bring the stuff out of the dryer for me to fold. When cooking dinner, I'll pull up a chair at the stove, and he'll run around getting this out of the fridge or that out of the pantry. He does little stuff like that - just lets me know that he is aware of my problems, and is doing all he can to help me through them, without making me feel completely useless.


Daisy Jean - May 4

Thanks, Jay! That sounds like a pretty good husband- can you work it out so he does all of the laundry and cooking! ? : )


Jbear - May 5

I can tell you what not to do...every time I'm angry about something, my husband says it's pregnancy hormones, like I'm not allowed to be p__sed off about anything. Also, when I was in the hospital having our first child, he stayed in the room with me and snored so loud I couldn't get any rest. He also plugged up the toilet in the room and blamed it on me (I was on complete bedrest with a catheter). I wasn't allowed to eat, and he kept leaving to get something to eat, and coming back and telling me how great the food was at whichever restaurant he went to.


Daisy Jean - May 6

Oh Jbear, That was so horrible it made me laugh out loud. Blaming the toilet on you when you're on bedrest with a catheter- it's just too much! ; ) YOu are a very patient woman.


Jbear - May 8

He was also there when I had my c-section. My hands were strapped down, and the anesthesia was making my b___bs itch so much I couldn't hold still. I asked him to scratch me, but he said he couldn't because they'd think he was some kind of pervert. So I had to get the anesthesiologist to scratch my b___bs. I told my husband he couldn't come in this time (2nd c-section) unless he promised to scratch if necessary.


Daisy Jean - May 12

Oh J-bear! That's horrible too. Did he promise to scratch if necessary?! Is he as hysterical as he sounds?


Jbear - May 15

Yes, he has promised to perform any necessary scratching duties (after I threatened to have my sister on scratching standby). We have a ton of fun together, in case you can't tell!


Mistyy - June 24

My heart flips for those unexpected hugs or kisses! Makes my whole very-pregnant day light up!! Or if he's busy doing something or talking to someone he'll take a second and get in my ear and tell me that he's sorry that he wasn't meaning to ignore me. That used to be a big issue with us until I explained that I felt left out... then he started doing that and it makes it all better because it's a private moment just between us. Just a look or his hand lightly touching my back lets me know that he knows that I'm around. lol.



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