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Harry Palm - August 2

My wife is 13 weeks preg. and we haven't made love or just good ol' s_x in 13 weeks. I just want to know how many woman have there libidos crushed by preg. Just before you ask I do a lot around the house and she hasn't been very sick at all and no she doesn't work. I think she just hates me. But I could be wrong I once thought she loved me.


HezBux - August 2

Prior to pregnancy I wanted s_x 3 times a day. I still love my hubby, still appreciate him, and all that, but my s_x drive was completely squashed by being pregnant. I am also 13 weeks pregnant, and we havent either. If you are my husband writing in, I am sorry, it is not you, please remind me you want s_x, and if you arent my hubby.....hang in there.....it will come back.........


Gina - August 2

I was horney as hell before I got pregnant now.....it takes some work cuz I lost interest in most things. It always comes back after birth for me. I have 21 weeks to go! Hold in here!


Jbear - August 3

I've been pregnant twice. The first time I was constantly h__y. This time you could parade a dozen male strippers past me in banana hammocks and I probably wouldn't even glance at them. Your wife doesn't have anything against you personally, her hormones are just changing a lot. She's probably also tired (not from doing anything much, just from the work of growing a baby), a little scared about becoming a mother, and she might be worrying that her body is changing in ways that aren't s_xy to you.


Tara - August 3

I'm almost 27 weeks and the thought of s_x wears me out.I do have s_x with my husband now and then just to hush him up for a week or two but s_x just isn't the same anymore.


jared - August 3

dude your lucky your wife even has s_x with you, my wife is pregnant now and before that we had s_x mabye once every 2 weeks and i was the one to always initiate it. whenever i would initiate it before all she would do is say no. we havent had s_x since shes been pregnant and i dont really see our s_x life getting much better, because they say once the female has a baby the s_x drive isnt always as good as it once was. If this is the case then i may never have it again with her. i mean i dont mind, s_x doesnt matter to me but it does make me feel like shes unattracted to me, i mean these women on here are saying they wanted it 3 times a day, im lucky if my wife even wants it when we have s_x. This is our first child, so we'll see what happens.


John - August 3

Man dont sweat it, me and my wife have been together 4 years and we have 2 kids, both times during her pregnancy we never had s_x, it will pa__s man dont worry, just for now deal with it and try to make her feel as good as you can and dont sweat her with the s_x stuff, it isnt worth it, i tried with my wife and she tore my head off! lol...good luck


Jess - August 3

I love my husband to death but we have not had s_x for sometime. I am now 10 weeks along. I wouldn't take it at all personally. She may be worried about hurting the baby even though it is safe in a regular pregnancy. I would talk with her about it, maybe she has her reasons. Other than that you are just going to have to wait it out. I hear in the second trimester that the s_x drive increases. Good luck.


Rhonda - August 4

Hey Harry you just have to wait it out your wife I am sure still loves you but maybe she is just tired I am 14wks and I have to say mine and hubbies s_x life have seen better days but I had a m/c so I have been taking it easy to make sure I don't add any risk and just for my piece of mind but just give her a little time and things should get back to normal just remeber she won't be preggers forever so hang in there!!


kris - August 4

Hi Harry, my libido is gone as well. Im sure your wife doesn't hate you, but hormones and growing the baby is wearing her out. And you dont have to actually puke to feel sick and bone tired.


Julieann - August 8

We had s_x about every other day until I got pregnant. I have had several mc before so I am terrified of doing anything wrong with the baby so I cut him off. He isn't too thrilled but understands completely and is in agreement. We do other things though...


Rachel - August 9

My libido !! um. There is nothing wrong there, my bf and I are having just as much, if not more s_x now than we were before. Im 17 weeks. But i know many people who have totally lost interest in s_x since they have become pregnant. Either is normal. Dont worry, im sure she doesnt hate you, probably just doesnt want anything to happen to the baby. Although, s_x is perfectly safe if you have a normal pregnancy with no previous miscarriages etc.


s - August 10

I'm wondering if this is my husband asking!!!! J/k. I'm 13 weeks and havent had s_x since we've conceived, I have no drive whatsover!!! Hope it comes back soon.


otherside - August 10

I want it everyday and my boyfriend avoids me like a toothache. I'm 20 weeks and he doesn't want anything to do with me ...(not even other things).makes me wonder whats up?


Nicksmom - August 11

I used to want s_x every day, but I have rarely been interested since getting preg. I love my husband dearly, but my s_x drive has disappeared. He has been very understanding and we have learned to take time for eachother in other ways.


Mary - August 12

I'm only 6 weeks along and since I've been pregnant I haven't wanted s_x. My b/f does things around the house (more so than what I do), I don't have a job and I haven't been very sick. I'm just very turned off by the idea of s_x. That is not like me at all. I can usually wear him out first. I heard in the 2nd trimester the libido speeds up a little bit more, so she just started the 2nd trimester so give it a little bit of time yet. Good luck!


Gem - August 19

s_x doesn't equal love. She probably just doesn't feel well. My DH always likes to have s_x a whole lot the first month or two when he knows I'm preg. Then we'll have s_x about 1 time a month until after the baby is born.



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