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Shane - November 24

My wife has been pregnant twice in a two year period. We have a 17 month old and she is due to have our second child any minute now. She is very mean and tears me down when ever she can. Could it be hormones?She left me a few months back and is living with our friends who hate me now too! (However, her best friend that she is living with is very jealous and possessive. She doesn't like me at all.) I don't remember marrying this woman. She used to be nice. We used to be best friends. I have given her space and hope that after the baby is born she will come back to me and her senses. I can't tell if this is hormones though.


Voice Of Reason - November 25

Woman will not leave you for nothing. There is more to the story than your telling. Do you wish to continue...............


? - November 27

Hormones can be the cuplrit, but Iagree, there is more than you are telling us. Give us more details so we can help you better.


ally - November 28

Not neccessarily voice, my man left me and my daughter 5 weeks ago claiming there is no spark, no intimacy, my baby is 5 months old. He is living with his mother and there is no more to the story other than the s_x died, i should have been done up more when he got home from work, the spark died, one didnt try so the other didnt try etc etc etc. At the end he is an insensitive a__s who didnt understand how it all changes when a baby comes. There are lots of ppl who have some kinda midlife crisis u could say and run til they cant run any faster. I am sorry shane, u cant say hormones for such a big step like moving out. Some ppl have no idea what they have in their home and for some reason lose their way or something, i have no idea and i feel for u shane cause i know what u r feeling. All you can do is wait and see what happens after baby is born, forget the friend if she wanted to come home she would. I had hormones when i was pregnant and many women do feel sad, emotional etc, but not to the point of leaving, who takes care of the 17 mth old? You tell me she has left her child also? I am sorry shane and i do hope it works for you one way or the other. My best friend left as well, its scary that u may spend so many yrs with a person and u wonder when they can just go didn't it mean as much to them as what it did to me, that is a killer...take care shane and let her be for now, let her be for now for your own sake.


? - December 4

So what's the latest Shane?


kme - December 30

Bad, bad, boy. Tow kids in two years. Have you seen her body in HER perspective? When is the last time you bought her a nice maternity shirt and flower? When is the last time you told her you thought she is beautiful when pregnant? Have you thought about giving her some papering? Maybe painting her toe nails, brushing her hair. Come on it is cheesy but you see thing physically, she wants to here and feel things. Do you want to loose her?



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