After The Baby Comes

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Bobby - October 27

After my wife gives birth, and she wants a va___al delivery, I am concerned that things won't stretch back. Will our s_x life be the same or will it feel different??


mommy of 2 - October 27

At first she might be a little looser, but encourage her to do kegel(sp?) exercises starting now, and it will help get those muscles back in shape, plus if she starts doing them before she gives birth, it helps make the pushing muscles stronger so the delivery might be easier.


Jamie - November 3

Don't be surprised if she's not interested for months after the baby is born...they're a lot of work. Also, you may not be interested after watching the birthing's pretty gross.


whatever - November 5

that area goes back to just might take 4-6 weeks. things do stretch back. your s_x life may not be the same, in regards to convenience...with a baby around, things will be different. in reference to that area, it will go back to normal. read a book on it if you are that concerned or do some research on the internet.


ally - November 9

i had my baby 5 months ago, i feel tighter than ever before and it hurts like made when he puts it in and it lasts a little bit, the pain i mean, be gentle, get ky and yes do expect no interest, unfortunately some women lose their s_x drive for a while after giving birth


kimber - November 9

I got stiches after my labor so things were pretty much as tight. But since the st_tches left some scar tissue it was really painful when we had s_x for about 5months.


Bobby - November 21

Thanks for aleviating my fears....I's too shy to ask my wife. and lately I'm on eggsheels around her. I can never tell if she's going to hug me, yell at me, or just cry when I get home. How long does this last? I really want my wife back....


Bobby - November 21

Oh and I rarely even attempt s_x, unless she makes it clear she's interested!



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