Alcahol In The 1st 2 Weeks After Conception

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JO JO - September 5



koko - May 3

obviously you are staying off the drink until you know for sure, do you know yet? well the risks are always there, but the same could be said about still being on the pill, medication or other similar things that could happen. before i knew i was pregnant i went on an all out works bash to celebrate a huge deal, needless to say that it ended with little memory and too much empty purse, dont get me wrong i'm not a big drinker, and now only have one or two drinks at christmas or the like, but i digress, 5 weeks after this i found out i was pregnant, surprise but great news, but obviously i was concerned, i spoke with my GP, and he said that it is not that uncommon for these ? to arise, each case is different. in mine my son is now 9, a joy to mine and hubbys life, and 9 times out of 10 this is usually the case, although you obviously should be careful and talk about any concerns with your GP or midwife, my GP told me that as surprising as it may seem a fetus at that early stage is highly resilient, now im not saying drinking or the like is ok, abstinance is far better than remorse, but dont overly worry, that will do harm, speak to your GP or midwife and let them put your fears to rest, then sit back and enjoy a wonderful rollercoaster ride.


Lynn - May 12

I dont know the answer but I have a question like that too! Im not sure if im pregnate or not and I have drank alot twice since the day of possible conception and I was wondering if that could harm the baby if i am! Please help! send anything that you think will hep to [email protected] please!


oli - May 20

Why is alcahol bad


ind - June 16

In response to oli - it is just wise to stay away from alcohol during pregnancy. I am not a doctor and do not have all the facts but primary complicationss of drinking during pregnancy can lead to FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome) - a debilitating (brain damage) and potentially disfuguring result of drinking during pregnancy. Check some websites on FAS and they will give you more details - either way, alcohol is NOT good.


Charolette - July 13

I suggest not touching another drink until you knew for sure, and if you are, then talk to you doctor about it, and don't drink again until well after the baby is born.


You are okay - September 5

Do not worry. So many women drink before they find out that they are pregnant! The embryo implants itselt to the uterus only ablut 7-10 days after the conception so before this the mothers blood supply has little to do with the embryo. Think of of this way- if you were taking medication that you cannot use during your pregnancy before you knew you were pregnant would you be fretting over it? Or if you had eaten some foods that you are not supposed to eat? Whar about 50 years ago when little was known about the effects of alcohol the embryo so lot of women continued to drink normally all through their pregnancies with heatlhy babies at the end! The human embryo is very resilient during the first few weeks of its life. There exists what is called 'all or norhing' balance. This means that either the alcohol, drug or medicine, )among other things that can terminate the early pregnancy) was so severe that the fertilized egg dies or it continues to grow normally. The most important thing is that you stopp any subsbtance intake or abuse at the time you find out that you are pregnant which is usually around the the time of implantation (this is when the embryo plants into the uterus and starts taking nutirients from the mother). I wish you a healhy and happy pregnancy! And as for the reply before me...I hope yo are a kid thinking that you are having some fun...otherwise shame on you to try to add to someone's worry. Are you sure you dont have some sort of birt defect for just being so nasty and unkind!?


lulu - September 27

if i was you then i would definately stay off the drink un til you know for sure! if the test is negative, you can carry on depending on how you feel, however, if the test comes back positive, i advise you to stay off the alcahol (including smoking, drugs etc.) because it will harm the babies health! Good luck!


maria tina freeton - September 30

yes it will if you drink to much i had the same problem when pregnant at 13 years old and i drunk alchohl to much it had a big efect on my baby!!!!


annaliese - November 16

I drank when i was pregnant without knowing... i only found out at 4 1/2 months cos my husband had an (unsuccessful) vasectomy and i'd been doing loads of "not recommended" things..including scuba diving!!.. my little boy is now 3 1/2 and he's absolutly fine.


shay - December 24

i drank alcohol two times when i was two months pregnant, is there going to be something wrong with my baby?


stephanie - December 26

my name is stephanie and i'm 4 in ahalf months and ive gotten drunk at least six times since i found out do you think the baby will be ok im not drinking anymore


david - December 29

no it wont as long as u dont have no more then that a day


to jo jo - December 31

get help little girl


just a mom - January 3

do not drink


wendy - January 8

i've been drinking a lot and im pregnant.will the baby be ok?i didn't know, im thinking of having abortion


Jilly - January 19

A gla__s of wine now and then will not hurt a fetus, unless of course the mother has some sort of allergic reaction. Drinking can have devistating affects on children. If you can't use enough common sence do us all a favor and take yourself out of the gene pool. Birth control is a start.



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