Almost 5 Months And Walking On Eggshells

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kat - November 7

I'm almost 5 months along with my first child and my husband seems to be freaking out. We've been married for 6 years and have always been very close. We waited to start a family until he was ready. I thought he was, but ever since the moment we found out he treats me different, like I tricked him into this whole thing. Also, he flips out over nothing and trys to blame it on me. (really, I have witnesses that it's not me in hormonal denial) Plus he's been going golfing alot and staying away for like 12 hours or more at a time. Is he just scared or what. It's killing me that my best friend and absolute love of my life has just thrown me away. Please tell me that this is normal and that he will get better.


Jennifer - November 8

Hmm... sounds like my bf... one second he's excitedly telling people we barely know about my pregnancy, the next he's totally freaking out and not sure he wants to be a father. I think this is a normal process every first time father goes through, especially if the pregnancy wasn't totally planned as in my case. Hey, we're ent_tled to our hormonal imbalances and the "crying thing" so I think we can give the guys a little slack in that area too. I think he'll come around. He's probably just a little freaked out. It is a HUGE change and he's going to have to give up some things. Might be why he goes golfing so much... maybe he thinks he won't be able to golf as much after the baby's born?


ally - November 9

please talk to him cause my partner left us 2 weeks ago, i have a 5 month old daughter, he left for mere excuses, no spark, intimacy, he even said i lost my feminine side, hello i have been overwhelmed with a baby.....i saw no signs of it but at the same time he has thrown in soccer and its not just his family he is lost with, he is lost within himself so please see the signs now and i dont wanna scare u but my partner was there during pregnancy and for the first 5 months and a baby can change ya life and some do walk in the first yr, weak men, not strong ones.... talk to him and tell him u need him . ask him why he isnt around so much and if he does want this child, when he or she comes along it may change him. good luck lady and dont let my horror story scare ya just talk to him cause men are such closed books and if mine wasnt we could have talked and he could still be here not running and abandoning us


h - January 3

Wow, do I see a trend or what? My husband who I have been with for 6 years (married 2 1/2) is freaking me out. We planned this pregnancy and at first he was so sweet and excited and wanted to tell the world. When I hit 4 1/2 months pregnant he suddenly tells me that he wants to be single, doesn't love me and that there is no 'spark' anymore. What? This is the person I have love and trusted and admired and I feel like he is feeding me and his unborn child to the wolves. Are these men just scared?



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