Another Woman Or Just Crazy

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confused - August 24

My husband has been leaving really early for work lately and its starting to make me feel like either he is seeing someone else or he just doesnt want to be around me. I have been trying to not be so hard on him.I dont yell anymore, i ask if he can help and if he says no i just give up without a fight.I just dont know what to do anymore.This morning he left an hour before he had to be at work when its only 5 minutes away.I got really upset and even know he knew i was upset he just kinda left.I feel like he doesnt want me anymore. There is this lady who works at his job and i think maybe she is who takes all of his time. She called one day from her cell phone instead of the company phone and it made me really uneasy.Even know from his side of the convorsation she was just calling him into work the next day i think she should not have called from her cell. I asked him to tell her to call from the job if its about the job because he doesnt need to know her cell and since she has not called at all.It kinda makes me uneasy that she wont call from her job phone but she can use her cell.I feel like im jumping to conclusions or something.Maybe im making something out of nothing but its driving me crazy. I know hes working because of his pay stubs but i think that hes leaving early for some reason.I cant remember the last time he wanted to have s_x with me.Does anyone think i have something to worry about or am i just over reacting?


Sorry to hear - August 24

Well, It's really kind of hard to tell. Do you think he will be honest if you try to talk to him about it? My husband did something like that to me while i was pregnant. He was looking for someone to sleep with on one of those singles websites, I found his profile and he denied it until he was blue in the face, but I still wouldnt take no for an answer because I knew I was right. After about 3 hours he gave in, and told me everything. Now we have full on honest conversations that help us get though everyday stuff. If i get angry at him for something, I dont yell I say hey....we need to talk now. andhe does the same. S_xually we also have conversations. Once you get over feeling embarra__sed its really easy to talk to someone. Especially a signifigant other. My advice, get some proof first before accusing him. Maybe talk to him and tell him you are feeling alone, or uneasy about ihm leaving early and see what his reaction is.


Tara - August 24

I know how you feel..I found a paper in my husbands bible and it had an e-mail account and pa__sword signed up with his name..i did'nt say anything i just sat the paper out so he would see that i knew..He said well you should'nt have been snooping i was'nt i wanted to read his bible..needless to say the e-mail accounts contained numerous amounts of profiles for sites that was upsetting to me,he had made profiles to personal ads and searching for people to meet.This was devestating to me of course he said at the time he had made the profiles we was going through a tough time,but we had also just found out i was pregnant when he made them.Still i find other personals accounts he's hurts me alot and still bothers me wether we was having trouble at the time.I'd rather him tell me to leave or him leave me than for him to make accounts such as those he had made.I guess my advice is to watch your husband,be very nice to him and comforting and if that does'nt help then i would follow him one morning and see where it is he goes.


Mel - August 24

Wow Tara, that's kind of scary your husband created personal ad accounts. Especially when those things cost money. I would be so hurt too. But, at least he was honest and didnt hide it, but still I'd be a little nervous if I were you. You're right though, if he doesnt want it to work out he should tell you instead of going behind your back and searching for other women, almost as if he wants a back up or something. good luck



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