Baby Hates Father

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Shannon - December 20

My three month old daughter hates her dad. If he even looks at her she screams! he is no help to me, and is very depressed because of it. One time I was bathing her, she was smiling and happy, and as soon as he came into the bathroom she screamed non stop. Even after he left I couldnt calm her. She likes other men, he has never hurt her. He is very sweet. Help!


Jenn - December 20

aww that must break his heart....... and yours.. wonder why she reacts that way.. is he scary looking. mayeb some time with all three of you togeher more..she will get used to her daddy.. :( makes me want to cry.. I once put my ex toupe on my daughters head and should her herself in the mirror , she freaked out and cried too.. never did that again....... wishi could help ya. maybe a hat?


yikes - December 20

This mst be hard for everybody. Does he have a beard? I was scared of those as an infant. Have you tried having her wake up in his arms? Can he help during feeding time? Is it his scent, voice or appearance? Can you show her pictures of him? Is there a toy she enjoys that he could hold? Have you talked to your doctor? At 6 months I stopped being afraid of my father and just ignored him. By one year all was well. Let us know what happens


Frances - December 28

It is also helpful for babies to see much affection between parents. When your baby is awake and attentive spend time hugging, kissing etc. in front of her so she sees that you love him. Also anytime she sees you together make sure you are both smiling and looking happy. If you see him and immediately start feeling concerned that your darling daughter will freak out at the sight of him she will feel your emotion and become tense and fearful. The best thing you can do is show her that you think he is great and treat it like it is no big deal. Good luck!!!


sarah513 - January 2

i was raised taking care of kids so i saw lot of kids that reacted that way to certain men.. yes im only 19 but i know some things hehe... but.. whenever she starts screaming around him he shouldnt just walk out of the room he definetely has to show her that he is not some monster that will go away everytime she cries... my dad always scared kids but if he brought something with him with bright colors or little toys or he had something that interested them they would take to him real quick.. i know it sucks to have to bribe your child to like you but hey.. whatever works... OR she is just so smart and she realized men are dorks early on... lol I BET ALL US WOMEN WISH WE WOULDVE KNOWN THAT A LIL EARLIER HUH?!


mom2 - January 22

i agree with the yikes and Frances comments....your acceptance and excitememt will encourage her to be the same. Mine came back from iraqu when my son was 6 months he didnt know him at all and was the same way. It took a while and a few tears (shed by all of us) but now hes a complete daddys boy. something that helped was to make him realize that sometimes daddy was all tha he had and when i left the room and didnt come running eventuly he realized he wasnt so bad....I think i just spolied him when we were together and he wasnt used to how daddy did things. Anyways just some suggestions that worked for us hope they help!



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