Best Gift For Fathers Day For A Teen Dad Please Respond

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me:) - June 13

well my b/f is 16 and this is his first fathers day...and i wanted to make it special for him...does anyone have any ideas on how to make it special for him and what to get him....i dont have a lot of money so its gotta be simple and cheap...well please respond it would mean a lot to me!! thanks!


Jamie - June 14

Cook him dinner.


s - June 14

I agree with jamie....cook him dinner and get him a nice card.


Jamie - June 15

If you need ideas for recipes, etc, just hit - any recipe you want, you can get there, plus you can compile a grocery list, etc. (I practically live at that website)


rob - June 16

food is always a great idea...i can buy my own stuff, it doesn't have much meaning. but when the woman i love makes me my favorite meal(pot roast w/ gravy...YUM!), i know she was really thinking about me.


Tracey - June 17

my daughter was only 7 weeks old when it was fathers day. for my partners gift i make him a framed picture of her footprints and then put her name, date of birth and father's day and a photograph of her on the picture.


me:) - June 17

well what should i say or do to get him to stay here..(he doesnt live w/ me...since we are so young)...and he also wants to spend it with his father but i want to make this special for my b/f....(sounds kind of selfish i know) but i think it would mean more to him if i cooked just for him...any ideas???


Jamie - June 18

If he wants to spend it with his dad (and that's reasonable), try doing a second father's day - either tonight (i.e., Saturday before) or next weekend. Then, just tell him that you're not feeling well, and would like his company for a few hours.


Jessica F. - June 18

That's a cute Idea tracey. Yep the old saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is a very accurate one. Don't be affraid to try something new too. Just make sure it'd be something HE would like



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