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itsapinupthing - March 6

My husband really wants a boy and sadi he would be a bit disapointed if it's agirl but would love her the same and be just as happy. I'm 13 weeks and worried about his disapointment,like I wish I could ensure we are having a boy. Any of you dad have any imput that might help me fell better about all this. Please keep in mind he is the sweetest husband I could have ever wished for and he is not s_xest, he just dreams of playin ball and race cars and things daddy and son can do. Thank you for your help


per - March 7

If it's a girl, he'll get over it and love her just the same... Especially when he sees her. Sure, he'll be disapointed when he finds out, but that's because he can't see her, hold her and have her wrap him around her little finger. Give him time if it's a girl - he'll come around.


kris Al. - March 7

My hubby also wanted a boy - my second marriage, I already had three girls, and this was his first biological child... guess what, another girl! And he was disappointed, until like Per said, she got here. Now he cant imagine her being a boy - he loves her huge "there's my daddy" smile - and he adores this little bitty baby... so dont worry, it will all work out, even if your baby has to wear some hunter green outfits. :)


itsapinupthing - March 7

thank you so much ladies I just trying to tell my self it's okay but if the doctor says" it's a girl" and I see that look on his face I might cry. I will try to be strong though, he is really sweet and might try to not make a face for me so hopefully I can be strong for him. Thanks again


wicca_moon_03 - March 8

And even if it is a girl, there are no laws or rules saying he cant do those things like play ball with her. Its not a "custom" thing built into little boys or girls. I believe its just what they are exposed to. Make sure he understands that there can be just as strong of bond between father and daughter as father and son


wicca_moon_03 - March 8

I was raised by both my parents and i eventually enjoyed more " male " activitys then " female " ones. i love playing football and going to monster truck and demolition derbys and all sorts of stuff like that. Like i said, its all up to what your parents expose you to as a young kid.


kris Al. - March 9

I agree with wicca, my hubby is already planning our baby girl's karate lessons out, as he is an avid martial arts guy and goes to lessons twice a week ... having a girl doesn't limit what your hubby can do with her ... it just isn't worth you being sad over - be sad over missing fingers, or a heart condition, or other health issues... dont be sad over a healthy baby for goodness sake. No matter what the s_x the baby will be adored, and all this will fade immediately when the little one gets here. Trust me!


Mzwest83 - April 12

I am in the same boat. kindof. My husband And I are tring for our 3rd and last child. We have two wonderful girls6&8. Although a girl would be great we both feel like we would rather have a boy. Even though my youngerest girl acts more like a boy! I am scaried of how my husband would react to another girl. I am sure he will be fine on the out side but what about the inside? someone told me about the chiense calendar but I just don't believe I only have one shot this year to have a boy!


Chrissythefairy - April 13

i want to thank you guys too because like itsapinupthing i was feeling the same way, my fiance wants a boy so does his family, and im sure if its a girl he will forget about his disapointment when he sees her. I have 2 more weeks until i find out


stephgts - April 22

Good news for daddy! I'm a woman and my dad took me to play baseball ( I was on a team) and he took me racing. I showed a lot of talent in the racing area and he ended up taking me to a pro school out in Sebring, FL for it. If daddy is worried he won't be able to do manly type things with his daughter, just mention the name "Danika Patrick." You might not know who that is, but he DEFINITELY will, lol. Plus I think, for dads, they take more pride in a daughter who can kick guys b___ts on the track then sons...I know my dad did. Plus if she's really good, it'll be easier for her to get a ride on a team then it is for a male too. Their are many benefits and fun things about having a girl :) I'm having one and can't wait to get her her first motorcycle!


jnine29 - May 1

my older brother was the same he will get over it , i just want a boy thats all but if it is a girl she will become daddy little girl. he will love the baby the same if it a boy or a little girl good luck with it



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