Breaking The News

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laura - April 20

I need cute ideas on breaking the news to the daddy.


Daisy Jean - April 21

Put a pacifier (with or without a note attached) somewhere he is sure to find it- his pocket, briefcase, in his pillowcase, on the shower faucet, tie it to his beer can, or put it in his shoe. What do you think? Congratulations!


Lily - April 23

Buy a pair of baby shoes and put them in the shoe closet where you know he'll see them.


Jamie - April 25

Leave the box from a pregnancy test where he can see it.


Stephanie - April 25

Send him congrats flowers at work, but don't say what they are for on the card. I am planning on doing something similar to that when I get pregnant. We were going to get my IUD out in August, but we have bumped it up to mid-June....VERY EXCITING!!!!!


Daisy Jean - April 26

Laura, What did you decide? I'm sure you told him by now.


Christi - May 13

My husband and I want to break the news to my mom in a fun way.


Suz - August 29

When i have a child, i want to break the news to "daddy" when he comes home from work, and i will grab his hand and say i want to introduce him to someone... then place his hand on my stomach, and say "your baby"


Annabell - August 31

Aww those are such cute ways! congrats to everyone. Well i had a misscarage but when I did know was pregnant I played a scavenger hunt with ym husband. I left a note on the front door saying follow ythe trail. it was a trail of baby power on the floor leading to an extra room that i was going to trun into the baby room then left 2 paint samples pink and blue with writting on the back telling him to look in the place where you put the things that cover your feet. i had put a pair of baby socking there and a note saying look in a place where you hang stuff, their was a baby onssie with a note that said look in a place thats cold, and i put a teething ring, then look in the place where you put your tooth brush. i put the possitive pregnancy test on the counter with a note under it saying look in the ladies abg that men hate to hold but done sometime. and i had the results of ym hcg level showing im pregnant then i left a note saying so look for your wife. I was in the living room where i had hung pink and blue strimmer, hung a banner saying "were having a baby just incase you havent figured it out!!" He loved it he said it was very fun and suprising. you can use it hell love it it keeps them wondering lol. best of luck to you all. give me some ideas so when i do get pregnant again i can do it.


Teneia - January 9

It's not confirmed yet, but I think I'm pregnant. If I am, I think I might get my little boy to tell his daddy that he's gonna be a big brother. He's only 21 months old but he speaks very well. And then to break the news to my family, I think I'll get t-shirt for my son to wear that says "I'm gonna be a big brother", or something like that. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I took a picture of the positive pregnancy test and slipped it inside a "congratulations" card with a little baby on it and gave it to my mom at a family gathering. She was ecstatic. Something else i just thought of to break the news to my the next social event or the next time we go out to dinner and he asks me if I want a drink, I could say "No thanks, I'm pregnant".



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