Can I Breastfeed Too

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Nathan - March 30

This may be a weird question, but I'm curious. Can I br___tfeed from my wife as well as my child? I heard there's plenty to go around and just thought it would be interesting to try; especially as part of foreplay.


a - March 31

that's pretty sick!


Nathan - March 31

Why is it sick? Does it taste bad? It's increadibly healthy right?


Misty - March 31

It is healthy. It is just that it is for babies. It is kind of like eating baby food. And most people don't find that appealing. I heard someone once say though that her husband like her to pump extra for him because he liked to put it in his coffee. To each their own. But yes wife would produce enough. Her body produces what is needed. The more milk is used the more her body will make. It won't hurt anything for you to do it if you so chose.


no patience! - April 2

Let's not be judgemental!


---------------------------- - April 2

Just relax!


x - April 12

don't be mean..some people eat their wifes placenta too...could just be a way of wanting to share the experience..or feeling left out as the baby is getting so much attention


Ian - April 14

I mis-interpreted your question as meaning - can you provide milk for your baby? I once saw a doc_mentary on male lactation. This guy wanted to b___stfeed so badly, and his wife wasn't able to, and he began to lactate and feed his baby. Now THAT'S disturbing. He had a hairy chest and a beard and all.....gross. But it's a little known phenomenon that happens.....thankfully not too frequently. And without any surgery or drugs either. Even MORE strange, is the fact that I watched the entire doc_mentary......with a big gla__s of milk. (okay I made up that last part about the gla__s of milk). Anyways, back to female lactation and s_x. Some things are better done in discretion. But I wouldn't call him "sick" though. As long as it's legal, and between two consenting adults, that's all we need to know. Just don't go into any more detail, and we're cool.


Oh Please! - August 9

From what I have read here, you people must be horrible s_xual partners. Granted it wasn't in the best taste that Nathan asked his question but come on! There is nothing wrong with allowing a male to feed from your b___sts, as incorporated into foreplay. Once this baby is born, anything my husband wants to do to me that will make me feel more s_xy about being a mommy you'd better believe I will let him do. And Nathan it doesn't taste bad. I am sure if varies person to person but my colostrum had a sweet taste and the actual b___st milk had almost the taste of one of those Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfasts.


Valerie - August 12

I know my dad tried my mother's milk when I was a baby out of curiosity and my mother says he found it way too sweet for adult taste. It was just a one off though.


one man to another - August 12

Dude you are sick if you are going to drink the b___st milk that your wife is providing for your child. If you want milk that bad go to a store and but some milk. Leave the milk in your wife for your child even if you have heard that a women makes plenty to go around.


Krissy - August 13

WAIT WAIT. Did someone just say something about eating placentas???!!!???????


Why? - August 14

Why is it so sick to let your husband suck on your b___sts? You let him before you were pregnant didn't you? Some people's s_x lives are so dry!


J - August 14

My husband LOVES to suck on my b___sts and I don't think a little milk will stop him.


ChrissyR - August 14

Krissy... I caught that too!!!!! X... where did you ever hear of someone eating a placenta!!!???? EEEWWW!!!!


js - August 15

those of you who are sitting there saying EWWW and ick (NOT to the placenta thing, as THAT is gross) but to the milk thing... You are either lying or are a prude. No, Nathan does not need diapers or a binkie. Please, if you are going to offer advise like that, keep it to yourself and shut up. He is being curious and is wanting to incorporate it into foreplay and wanted to make sure it wouldn't hurt anything. Which it dosn't. Those of you who said that that's sick - get a life! Breast feeding is a part of life. Boobs are part of what turns on your man - if you're lactating in the heat of the moment, are you really going to stop? Or are you that much of a prude, you got your kid so no s_x at all ever again? This is an adult forum. Come on people - grow up. Oh, btw this is the MEN's forum. If you want to know what they are thinking, quit critizing them or they will stop posting.


nyama - August 15

I come from Nigeria. Where I am from, a woman's b___sts are not s_xual object, but for feeding a child and are respected as such. In my country, having grown man feed like a baby is equal to drinking a baby's bottle during s_x. It's bad luck too.



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