Can I Have A Man S Point Of View

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Suzie - February 12

Hey guys, well i want honest opinion from as many ppl as possible..LOL ..please. I am married and i have 2 kids ( 9 &5 end of this year ).Hubby and i always agreed on having 3 or 4 max.HE always said it's better to have them all while young , which i agreed then. Now i tell him that our kids are quite big, especially the girl, so if we want to have more , this yr sounds good.Now he's telling me , there's no rush and even if i'm 35-36 it's still young to give birth, i told him NO WAY i don't wanna give birth at that age ( No offence to w/m who are that age, just don't want my kids to have 20 yrs age difference). So he's thinking about it over & over ...Now, I have been totally honest with him and told him i stopped my pills because i always forget them anyway( which it's true ) . so we should be careful cos i only ovulate a few days/month. HE didn't say anything, i thought he was gonna tell me to go back on it , or say , no protection=no s_x, but he joked about it.So now he touches me knowing im not using any kind of protection ( he won't wear the raincoat lol )but insists he doesn't want a child now, does not make sense to me . So my question is , If ur wife told u she stopped her pills and u knew u were having s_x with her anyway, would u feel bad or angry if she felt pregnant? Would u blame her ? I think im pregnant but just dont wanna tell him , cos he doesn't want a child now ( so he says ). Thank you for reading me and sorry it was way too long . thx ( no insults please .)


Jeri - March 23

Have you asked him that question? try this one: "You know I'm not on the pill anymore, that means we could get pregnant from doing this. Since were doing it anyway, is that okay with you?"


mike - March 23

I am not sure about Jeri's solution- if you think you are already pregnant then it's a bit late to ask him if he minds- because what do you say when he says he does mind? You have obviously been together for some time, you have had 2 kids together- you are obviously doing something right. It sounds like he wants more kids but just not right now- he didn't say "absolutely no more". I think he would simply prefer having a child later, but this doesn't mean he will dead against having one now. I think you should send warning signals before telling him- say you are late this month and need to do a hpt. This at least gives him a day or two to get his head around the possibility. He's a grown man having s_x without contraception. He knows the score, and he should shoulder the consequences as much as you. All the best with hubby and the pregnancy


ME - June 13

I have a story like your's, although I am not pregnant. I have recently got off bc for medical reasons. I told my husband. I even thought I was pregnant. My husband makes comments about wanting to use condoms, but hasn't bought any. He also asked if it was okay to have s_x. I told him to pull out, but he didn't. I want to be pregnant so bad. We have been married for 2 1/2 years. At the time of our wedding, we both decided to wait a year before we had any kids. He keeps saying we should wait. I spoil my husband. I am not sure if he doesn't want kids now or if he's afraid he will not be spoiled anymore. My husband and I get along and I can't see a reason to wait. Is what my husband doing normal for men?


Jbear - June 14

Having a kid is such a life-changing event, I think some men can't come right out and say they want one. If you've told your husband you're not taking birth control anymore, and he's still having s_x with you, it might be a pa__sive way of saying he wants a kid.



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