Can U Tell By Looks Alone

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? - March 24

is it posible to tell if a child is yours or the other guys by looks alone? im asking as my first boy looks like me and my partner but the second baby only 9wks(others/i can only see the mum in him) the other guy wants dna test done? what do u guys think?


lilmama - March 25

I say go for it if there is a chance the baby is not yours, you wanna know right? If he wants it, he pays for it, so I would let him!


Daisy Jean - May 4

I have a friend who swears she could only tell the paternity by her baby girl's ears! She got a test done, too, just to be safe. I recommend doing that- no haunting thoughts that way.


Susan - May 5

DNA Test! You cannot tell by looks alone. I know someone who a__sumed a baby was his because she looked like him, even had a dark skin tone. Well a few years down the road he paid for a test and the girl was not his. So if you know there might be a possibility of Another Guy being the Dad Get The Test!


No - May 6

YOu can never tell if a baby is yours or someone elses by looks. This is why there are so many "are you my baby daddy" talk shows on tv, men swearing its not there's because it doesn't LOOK like them. Baby's can get their looks from a mix of several generations of both of your families.. or have totally unique looks of their own :) If there is a shadow of a doubt, get the test. With this said, no matter who's baby it is, it only takes spern to be a father, it takes a life time of love and comitment to be a daddy.


Lindsay - May 18

If you had s_x without a command on out of a 100% would that person be pregant?


Derek, - May 19

No not possible at all. I have two boys and they look nothing alike. if you desire to rise the child as your and you believe that it is yours than no you dont need to have dna tests done at all.


Jenna - May 31

I would say go for it if there is a question in your mind then something is wrong......take a DNA test and then everything will work out the way it is supposed to.


jessica - May 31

no you can't tell by looks i look nothing like my father and am the spitting image of my mom. get the dna test


rach - June 24

nah cause u cant all my family have brown eyes an look the same an i have blue eyes an look completley different an im definatley my moms an dads so tell him its most probly his


I think - June 26

I think looks give you an idea. Like for instance if you are black and probable fathers are totally different than you can tell. If one father has nice hair, you have regular black people hair, the other father has rbph and the baby has nice hair now what do you think? Also goes for the color two light skin people do not make a dark skin child. Two dark skin people do not make a light skin child. You have eye color, hair type, and other genetics. I do not trust does test because they are not that reliable. Even if you look totally like the mother it is still something about the child that makes you think of the father believe me. My son has my face but has toes and hair and ears(small like mines stick out like his father) like the father. The way he act is his father so you can tell believe me unless the fathers are family.



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