CHILD SUPPORT Girls Gettin And Guys Giving Plz Answer

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?? - November 15

Hey all, i was just wondering if we are receiving child support from the dad, what are we able to MAKE him pay on top of the child support. like are we able to MAKE them pay shcool fees and medical etc? or is that something u have to agree on/ im in australia by the way! thanks


....... - November 15

The money paid for child support is all the monitary contribution that the paying partner is legally required to give. THAT money is supposed to be what pays for half of school fees, medical, living expenses,and food for the child.. you are responsable for the other half.


jj - November 15

You may be able to work out for him to pay for additional things. But it would choice and he would not be legally binded to do it.


Kellie - November 15

Sounds to me like you are out to get him. What if he were to say I want to MAKE you give me more visitation. Look if you were married and the divorce decree says that he is responsable to pay a certain amount in child support then thats what you get. I know a lot of times the father might be required to cover their child under their medical insurance. If you are on good terms with the father you might see if he will be willing go half on school fees and medical.


Tracy - November 16

I get child support, he carries him on his medical, and he pays half of all doctor's visits and copays for medicine. PLUS I claim him on my taxes; he can't claim him at all.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

Anyone I have known whose ex pays for extra things on top of child support either does it by court order, meaning that is the way the custody/child support papers are written, or by choice. If you want him to pay more than child support and he does not want to voluntarily, better get a lawyer.


Tracy - November 16

Racheal is right; mine is court ordered and I did have to get a lawyer. It did not help him in court that he wanted custody of our little girl born on the 18th. BECAUSE we had a little boy born on the 20th!!!



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