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SARAH - May 7

I have mixed feelings about getting my baby boy circ_msized at birth. My partner says he doesn't think it's necessary, but my friends have been telling me horror stories about men they knew getting awful infections from not having their p__s circ_msized. I need some male opinions.


Jbear - May 8

My husband and I are having the same issue. My husband is not circ_mcised, and he thinks the baby should be, because kids made fun of him when he was growing up. But before I got married, I had s_x with lots of guys, circ_mcised and uncirc_mcised, and it seemed to me that the uncirc_mcised guys had a lot more feeling down there. My husband's never had an infection, it's really a hygeine issue. Everyone thinks circ_mcised p___ses look better, but I wouldn't want my baby to have less feeling there when he grew up, just so it could look prettier.


SC - May 9

My husband is not circ_msized and we both agreed to get our son circ_msized at birth because when my husband lost his viginity the skin on his p___s that covered the head ripped so now it moves freely and he said it was really painful....we didnt circ_msize our son because its prettier but because it is more sanitary and less painful during s_x. But, the decision is up to the parents so think it thru and decide what the both of you would feel is best. Good Luck


Skip it - May 13

The hygiene issue is based on old tales told by those who invented this barbaric practice for religious reasons. It was thought at the time that the boys would not be able to mastrubate with their foreskin gone. There is no medical reason to do this, and the US is the ONLY country in the world where it's done for no medical or religious reasons. Don't mutilate your son's genitals!!!


Jbear - May 15

In response to "skip it", when I said it was a hygeine issue, I meant that men who practice good personal hygeine don't get infections. The only thing you really need to do differently when your son's not circ_mcised is teach him how to keep it clean.


Skip it - May 17

Jbear I wasn't directing anything to you or anyone else. There are no facts to support circ_msision, only myths.


Derek, - May 20

First off no you loose no feeling down there as there are very few nerve endings in the forskin. circ_mcission these days is not done by knife (i am circ_msized and my 2 boys are two). The main thing with guys who are not circ_mised is to keep it clean (from birth onwards) as really nasty infections can get there,


... - May 20

I know it is not a myth that there have been cases of boys even men getting an infection on their uncirc_msized p___s causing them to need a cic_mcision later in life. that must hurt!! I think of it as preventative care, like immunizations and such. They might not ever get the disease, but it is good to protect them ...just in case...


Derek - May 20

Prevention is better than cure


SARAH - May 21

Thanks for all your responses. We still aren't sure what to do, as there is so much conflicting information out there. I asked the doctor about it, and he said they don't do it in the hospital anymore. So who does it then? I didn't think this would be such a big deal, but everyone has a strong opinion on the issue.


Jbear - May 21

Traditionally, it's your obstetrician that does the circ_mcision. I don't know if that's changed or not since the books I've read were printed. I think a good guideline is, if your partner is circ_mcised, then your son should be too, so that he won't feel insecure about not looking like daddy.


jenny - May 27

i dont know where you live but now a days they all hospitals have baby boys circ_mcised because of all the infections they can get and all the skin they have to move i have 3 boys and all of them have had it its not a big deal


.... - May 28

for the last response...that's not true. Circ_mcision is an elective procedure (that means you can choose to have it done or not). I wouldn't cut off my labia to prevent yeast infections, so why on earth would I have my son's foreskin cut off?


SweetNurse - June 4

Derek, you'd think that being male you'd know that the foreskin has a high nerve density. In fact,it has the nerve density of the female c___toris. If you're married, you should know that area is quite sensitive on a woman ;) The foreskin not only protects the glans, provides lubrication during s_x, but it is also contributes to 30% of s_xual feeling. Just imagine s_x being 30% better ..........I don't think many men would have a problem with that.


Jen - June 5

Just so you know, most people think circ_msided looks better. I DO NOT, just like some men do not like fake b___bs. There are people out there who like natural god given appendages. Plus the circ_mcision rate has fallen to about 50% of current male babies so he will not be the only one.


layne - June 5

There are millions of nerve ending at one the foreskin. Most babies go into SHOCK when the procedure is done and that is why they don't cry, not because it doesn't hurt. Circ_msion is also fatal in rare case and/or mutilates the genitals because of scar tissue. The foreskin does have a purpose and with proper cleaning there is no hygiene risk. Here is a good site to see.


mh - June 5

i am dealing with this problem i have one son that is and one thats not. recently the 13 year old that is not wont take a shower at school and is late to cla__s and sports. he has begged us to call the doctor. i told him the doctor says that is not necessary and at the time my insurance would not pay. well pay or not my son is now paying for it in emotional distress. we feel like we are going for it after we explain to him it will be painful. parents need to understand you do what is best for your child. children rarely ask to have something done that hurts unless they are hurting. kids are cruel. my oldest son confirms the way the high school boys act. i really thought our problem would be with him he is a red head and when i was in school that was embara__sing. they were few red heads so it was different but this problem far proceeds that one



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