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mh - June 5

i am dealing with this problem i have one son that is and one thats not. recently the 13 year old that is not wont take a shower at school and is late to cla__s and sports. he has begged us to call the doctor. i told him the doctor says that is not necessary and at the time my insurance would not pay. well pay or not my son is now paying for it in emotional distress. we feel like we are going for it after we explain to him it will be painful. parents need to understand you do what is best for your child. children rarely ask to have something done that hurts unless they are hurting. kids are cruel. my oldest son confirms the way the high school boys act. i really thought our problem would be with him he is a red head and when i was in school that was embara__sing. they were few red heads so it was different but this problem far proceeds that one


MS - June 6

My wife and I both decided that we would have our son circ_mcised at birth to avoid some of the problems I had until I was circ_mcised. I've also heard that as much as 50% of boys not done at birth will need it done later


SweetNurse - June 7

MS, your stats are extremely off. Also, what sort of issues did you have? Did your mother retract your foreskin before the age of 2? This can actually cause problems. There is actually only a 1% chance of infection if the foreskin is properly cared for.


hi - June 7

Both of my boys are circ_mcized and if the baby we're having is a boy, he will be too. Personally, both times that I sat in the hospital room -waiting- while my boys were being circ_mcized, I felt guilty over thinking my baby was in pain over something not truly necessary. They strap the baby down. After hearing about several babies who had infections that they would not have had had they been circ_mcized and a few that were circ_mcized later on... my husband and I decided to go ahead with the procedure. It's your choice. Ask your doctor or pediatrician their opinions.


Heath - June 8

Nature doesn't include parts of the body that are extraneous. The foreskin serves many purposes: to protect the glans p___s and to aid in normal intercourse are just two of them. The removal of the frenelum destroys one of the most nerve-rich areas of the p___s. Whatever your decision is, please take time to read carefully before signing your baby up for surgery. Most people make the decision with very few facts in mind. Even simple anatomy, available in any physiology book is often ignored. For example, did you know that circ_mcision removes nearly half of the skin found on the p___s? Remember, the foreskin is not simply a flap of skin; it rolls back on itself, and actually represents twice the area that it appears to. Also, remember that it doesn't have to be an all or nothing operation. If the baby is circ_mcised, the doctor can choose to leave the frenelum mostly intact if asked to do so. Also, if the baby is loosely circ_mcised, he is less likely to have an uncomfortably tight erection later in life if the p___s develops more than the surgeon anticipates when deciding how much skin should remain. Please take the time to consider some of the terms and explanations of the anatomy of the p___s, before and after circ_mcision, offered here:


Hey Heath - June 17

What about a 6th finger? Keep or remove?


Me - June 18

A sixth finger is not on every single hand, is it? A foreskin,however, is part of the original design, and not a defect. The two are not comparable. Nice try,though!


what? - June 21

Its funny that they have a mothers against circ_msizion group. How would a mother know how it feels to be un/circ_msized? Or what its like to be teased, or get the infections, or have to clean it, etc. Thats like someone starting a "Fathers against Epidurals" group telling pregnant women there is no need for it!


To what - June 22

Actually, it should be a mother's against mutilation of helpless little boys club. Cleaning under the foreskin is no more difficult than cleaning between your labia (I would hope that you do that). 80% of males worldwide are NOT circ_mcised. Therefore circ_mcised males are in the minority. In locker rooms they have a look but never admit that you looked, therefore, if one is teasing for being intact or circ_mcised, he would be breaking that rule and ridiculed himself for staring at another's p___s. This is something that is made up in the minds of women. If my daughter doesn't have b___sts shall I get her implants so that she isn't made fun of? Also, infections are a rarity, if they even happen at all, if the man cleans himself. We as women have to wash our genitals (would you rather your labia and c___toris were removed for easier cleaning?). Comparing circ_mcision, an unnecessary cosmetic surgery which removes a healthy functioning piece of tissue is in no way comparable to an Epidural (It's not surgery, it only provides pain relief, and is given to a CONSENTING ADULT....the list goes on)


Jc - June 22

Circ_mcise... not circ_mcise... it's your choice. Yours and the fathers. I have a couple friends who didn't have their sons circ_mcised and they did have trouble with infection when they were babies and one when he was in elementary school. My son was circ_mcised and he's never had an infection. My first husband wasn't circ_mcised until he was a year or two old and had to have it done because of all infections. His mother said she wished she'd had it done when he was born. My husband now was circ_mcised at birth and had no problems according to mom. Both had/have no problems in the bedroom at all. :) Good luck with the decision. I'm still waiting to find out if I'll have that decision to make again or not.


kayelene - June 28

my husband and I didnt have our son circ_mcised at birth because they can not use any local anasthetic or pain killer, I couldnt bear to think of it being done like that.In no way do we want it done for looks.we went to see a very good specialist today at the womens and childrens hospital in Adelaide and he said most people are only having it done for religious reasons these days, he said circ_mcission has dropped by 40%,he also said you have a lot less chance of contracting any s_xually transmitted diseases, that includes thrush.I also know of men tearing during s_x , I would rather have my son circ_mcised professionally than to tear ,which must be extremely painful.Doctors seem a lot more negative about it these days,but it is up to us,the parents.Just because it has been done for centuries ,doesn't make it right.You are the parents and your decision for your son to be or not to be circ_mcised is the right one,he is your son.we want to to whats best for our children.I personally could not do it for the look of it.My husband and I are having our son circ_mcised when he is 6 1/2 months old and able to have anasthetic.The procedure itself takes only 10 minutes.And your baby is in hospital for only a few hours.We are having it done for hygene reasons and also for the fact there is a good chance an uncirc_mcised p___s can tear during s_x.the look of it is just a bonus.The steps we took were to see your local doctor and tell them you would like a referral to see a specialist to get your son circ_mcised,if this is the path you decide to take.


TE - July 27

I was circ_mcised at age 36 after battling yeast infections for six years. My wife and I kept pa__sing it back and forth. Up until age 30, I basically had not had any problems. Phimosis was developing because of the infections. The foreskin was getting sore after use. As far as feeling, I could tell very little difference if any. Sensation was as good if not better than before. The foreskin is not a magic part, but a covening. The sensation in the foreskin seemed to be the same as skin anywhere. Either choice that you make will be fine if you and your partner are fine with it. A negative att_tude from parents, etc., is what will affect a child's image more than physical attributes.


ooook - July 28

TE you brought up a very good point. My GP told me that uncirc_mcised men can get a yeast infection, while circ_mcised men can NOT. Those that are circ. can definately carry the yeast, they will not need to be treated for it, the only risk is pa__sing it back to their partner(s). I also had a friend who had to be circ_mcised because of chronic yeast infections. I also had a boyfriend who's foreskin tore during s_x. Poor guy was embarra__sed, but said he barely felt it. It never healed right either. As for the arguement on having females circ_mcised is the same thing, that's bull. Women are actually having surgeries to remove or trim portions of their labia's to make them look nicer. Plus, in the rare case a girl is born with a hymen that completely covers the v____al opening, it is to be removed for hygenic reasons. Seriously, this is a dad's forum, so where are the dads? I really want to know, if you were circ_mcised at birth, do you hold any resentments? Why isn't there a dad's against circ_mcision organization?


BOB - August 9

I was circ_msized at the age of 26, because i had a tight foreskin. It hurt sometimes when I was having intercourse, with my wife or other partner. There is no way to know if you are going to have a extra amount of foreskin at birth. If you look at the p___ses with extra amounts of foreskin at adulthood, they might not hurt as much as I did. Also when u are that tight around the head its more hurting than the pleasure of s_x. This also causes you to premature ejaculate to get rid of the pain. My partner had s_x with some circ_msized males that lasted much longer than I did, was another reason the check on having it done. After I was circ_msized I did not hurt during intercourse, I went from lasting 1 minute to lasting 10 to 20 minutes. I did enjoy s_x more after the wounds healed, 30 years later, the sensitivite is still there and I can last forever if my partner is in the mood. Think about what you are putting your children thru if they do not have that extra foreskin to slip over the crown. It is painful.


From a Man - August 12

I think you need to get the little boy Circ_msized at birth cuze it can cause an infection later on in te young childs life. It will be alot safer for all.


Harley - August 15

I am due to have my son on nov. 7th, 2005. My husband doesn't want to circ_msize our baby because when it was done to him as a baby it was not done right and when he went into the military he had to have it redone. He said he does not want that to happen to our son because it was really painful for him. I have twin 5 year old boys from a different relationship that are circ_msized and have had no problems. So I am still trying to decide whether I should or should not have it done for my son, so good luck with your decision, I'm sure you'll make the right one



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