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Corey - October 26

I know this isnt a pregnancy question but i realllllly want to ask my girlfriend to marry me, and i was just wondering if anyone had some really cute and romantic ways to do it. My girl is a sucker for romance and i want to really surprise her. I was thinking of getting our brand new puppy involved. like have the ring on the puppys collar or something. cos she realllllllly loves our puppy. anyone got any ideas???


karine - October 26

my hubby asked me at my baby shower, when all the family was there LOL. i loved it an dit was a huge surprise!


Gemma - October 26

Yes that is a lovely idea having the ring on the puppys collar. I would love that.


lacy - October 26

my fiance asked me in the cutest way...on our first date we went hiking, so when he proposed, he took me back there and I was cold...he said he had a jacket in his backpack, and pulled out a sweater that said "The future Mrs. Craig?" Then dropped to his knee and pulled out my ring...It was so cute. He later told me that he got the sweater made at It was the sweetest thing!


HH - October 27

Corey, I say tie it to the puppy, but make it obvious that something is different- like put a bell on the puppy too, or a giant bow or something so that she will check it out. Do it while she is out and then she will be so surprised. She will love it.


Aly - October 27

My Fiancee took me on a surprise trip to Vienna where he had it planned to go to the opera at the opera we were in one of those boxes with other people and he got on his knees and asked me. It was such a romantic weekend and the best surprise I have ever had.


to corey - November 3

my husband the night he proposed to me took me out for pizza. And you know how they have toy machines for 25 cents - he gave us each 50 cents - (I didn't know until later that he was trying to get a toy ring) he got a love key ring and a rubber hand toy, I got 2 toy rings. he asked if I would trade one of my rings for one of his. later on that night he asked me to marry him with the ring I gave him. I really wanted him to ask me at the pizza parlor, because I was so excited, but he was too shy. but it was a lot of fun.


to correy... - November 3

I meant to say he got a love key chain, not a ring.


to Corey - December 3

My boyfriend & I already call each other "husband" and "wife", but I feel like having something more formal. This post inspires me to ask him in some romantic way on his birthday this week. Hey!... who says the guy always has to ask the girl? ;)


Jamie - December 3

my husband and I used to spend every Sunday at Barnes and Noble, before we got married; we went outside to have a cigarette (we both still smoked) and were sitting on a bench in front of the store. He had his hand on my knee, just kinda doodling with his finger; then I noticed he was looking at me really weird, and I started paying more attention to what he was doing with his hand - he traced out the letters "will you m" and I said yes. lol


Olivene - December 16

I've always wanted someone to take me on a midnight picnic with candles and romance-type foods. Grapes, cheese, her favorite food... Is she pregnant? Champagne could be nice or sparkling grape juice.


claire - December 19

heres a thought, be playing with your puppy in the park or living room or something and call the puppy to you and say close your eyes. while she does tie the ring to puppies collar and say open and send little puppy over to your sweetie and ask her!


elli - December 31

another idea with the puppy when she takes the puppy for a walk have a spot along the way set up with ballons and flowers and ambush her. she'd never expect it


Angela W. - January 13

Corey, you are already ahead of the game by actually wanting to do something really romantic for her. My dh (god love him) is so ADD, he could not stand to wait until my birthday and do something romantic for that. He got so caught up in the moment, that he didn't even get down on his knee! (So make sure you do that!) I've heard that alot of nice restaurants will work with you to make a really romantic suprise. Like for dessert, serve strawberries with the ring propped up or even just bring her plate out with just the box on it. I would suggest talking with the managers of prospective restaurants and see what kind of things they have done in the past. Good luck and I hope all goes well!! (BTW, the puppy idea is very cute as well)



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