Dads Should I Circumsise My Son

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Mrs.Mancini1369 - November 29

My husband insists that we circ_msise our son when he is born. He claims that the other boys will call him a "helmet head" and how does he explin the differnce when the kid sees his Daddy naked and their p__s looks differntly? Those are HIS concerns. My concern is that an infant boy has a small p__s and what if it accidently gets cut off or the surgery is botched? I mean that is my sons p__s, he is going to need it. Im also worried about infections. I think if his father explains it to him if and when it becomes an issue he will be fine. I mean will he even notice the differnce enough to be upset by it? My thinking is at least if we leave it he can make an informed decsion when he is older. Any opinions from the Dads out there? Should we get him cut or is it better to let him make the informed decsion when he is old enough?


mjvdec01 - December 2

the majority of people now do not circ_msize their sons anymore. There is no substantial evidence that it reduces the rate of infection. Also, did you know that they perform the procedure with out anesthetic, it's torture and it is not necessary. Your hubby is thinking of himself and not his son. Would he let the doctors skin his finger, probably not! So why then skin the most sensitive part of his body, with no medical evidence that it is necessary? I think he just wants his son to look like he does. Isn't it enough that he would have his eyes, his nose his laugh, not to mention his DNA. By the time your son starts school, more than half of the other boys will be uncirc_msized, it will be the circ_msized boys getting teased! I'm sorry, but if your husband doesn't agree with you after this, just tell him NO! The doctor canno't do the procedure with out the consent of both of you. I'm sorry, I don't mean to judge, I just feel very strongly about this subject. I am currently pregnant too, my hubby is circ_msized and if we have a boy this time we will not be circ_msizing him.


Macy - December 3

I would absolutely not circ_mcise my son. It is such a private part of his body, something only he should get to make decisions on. If he gets older and decides to do it, on his head be it. My husband is not circ_mcised and he has never had any problems with his p___s. There is a very small range of medical circ_mstances where circ_mcision should be done, but if your son doesn't fall into that range, DON'T have it done.


Malica - December 7

Times are indeed changing. Ask your doctor or do some research on what the circ_mcision rates are today and your husbands concerns about him being different from his peers should mean that you DON'T circ_mcise him.


Franny - December 16

Did you realize that there are billions more UNCIRCUMsized p___ses in this world. I would estimate only about 5-10% are in fact mutilated. Besides Americans, Jews and small select parts of Africa, the rest of the world is as nature intended men to be, thank god : )


LIN - January 2

Aussies are typically circ_mcised as well (not that I'm advocating it or anything).


Chris1975 - January 5

At present there is no strong medical evidence to support the routine circ_mcision of baby boys. Circ_mcision rates are on the decline, with an incidence of about 10 to 11% in Australia, 60% in the USA, 20% in Canada and less than 5% in the UK. Routine male circ_mcision has never been a common practice in European, Scandinavian, Asian or South American countries, with rates being typically less than 1%. <-- This being the case from what it was in the 1970's (it was around 50% in Australia, now less than 15% - not sure about USA stats as im an aussie). Given those figures and declines, its irrelevant whether your husband is circ_msized...its not your dad your little boy wil be facing in the locker rooms at school through adolescence when his ego and self consciousness will come into play. Noone really does it anymore unless for religious reasons and there is no benefit and only risk a__sociated with it. That being the case, im not going to do it with my boy (im currently 31wks preg) . If you boy really wants it done, he can get it done later in life


Teddyfinch - January 8

i think those numbers might be a bit wrong. my husband is australian and he's not cut and it isn't done hardly at all anymore there. so, lin, they're actually not typically circ_mcised. there had been some scare a while back about there being an increase in cases of cervical cancer from uncirc_mcised p___ses because of the bacteria that can grow under the foreskin, but a circ_mcised p___s can get just as dirty, so there really is no need and there is no chance of mutilation if you don't get it done so if we have a boy, he'll stay uncut.


filly06 - January 8

Not saying right or wrong either way...I have heard sometimes people do whatever the father is.


brd8808 - January 10

Well I'am circ_msized, and I don't remeber it hurting much at all. But I am certainly thankful that I am. Don't know if this helps but thought I should tell you that there are many benifits to being circ_msized. This coming from a male who is


lunamoo - January 10

Not to mention all the fun a woman can have with foreskin!


leelee3000 - January 14

I don't have an opinion on this subject but would like to offer what I know... dh has 3 brothers... so there are 4 boys in the family...the first 3 are circ_msised... the last one is not... because their father was not and insisted that one of his boys "look like him" as brother do... the three that are made fun of him growing up and the last one is extreamely sensitive on this subject...he doesn't like that he looks different than his brothers...again I have no opinion just wanted to add the story.


LIN - January 23

Teddyfinch, my husband is an Aussie as well, and he says that the large majority of men in Australia ARE circ_mcised. I'm sure it depends on what year they were born, though.


leelee3000 - January 29

oh, I have a different story as well... as docbytch says better now than father had to be circ_msised at like 40 and he said it was super painful and wished it would have been done when he was a baby...


Cat24 - February 1

its very cruel and for the sake of what? so called 'tradition'. let the little boy keep himself in tact until he is old enough and informed enough to decide whether he wants a totally unnecessary cruel operation.


grumpydory - February 13

my ex had his done at 18yrs old simply out of preference but i noticed when we were together that the the skin around where he was cut was hard instead of soft like it would have been had his mother had it done at infantsy, so i wonder if is he just a rare occurance with it turning out that way, im also tryin to figure out whether or not to circ_msize my son


hope-31 - February 23

my dh is not circ_msised and we are ttc and i want our sons(if we have any) to be circ_msised and he does not. i am not really 100% sure why i feel srongly about it but i feel it will just make it easier for personal hygeine,at least when their young. my dh's 9 yr old nephew is not and it seems that every summer after a trip to the beach he has to go to the er cuz grains of sand are in the foreskin. it just seems life would be easir in the end thats all. as an adult there should not be a problem with cleanliness but as a chid lets face it they barely want to wash their hands.



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