Dissed And Treated Like Crap

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Lost in Marrysville - October 7

Well my wife is 10 weeks along. We've had s_x maybe 5 times since .She has very strong mood swings and is very senstive to any kind of touch.Am I being selfish when I get mad when she shows me no feelings? When will she get back to the old her??? It is killing me!


to lost: - October 7

She will never be the old her. She will be a mother of your child. Right now she is full of surging hormones that are keeping that baby in there. Those same hormones make her naseous and tired, and she is probably both concerned for the baby and scared of all the changes coming your way. S_x is really nowhere on her radar. Please sit down with your wife and talk to her about it, but try not to get angry at what she might have to say. No s_x doesn't mean no feelings, I am sure she loves you, maybe now more than ever, she just doesn't want s_x. In my case I didn't want to touch my husband for the first three months to make sure baby was ok - the risk of miscarriage drops after 12 weeks. Although I knew in my mind that s_x makes no difference, in my HEART I felt I was risking our baby, and couldn't change that. After that I had a high risk pregnancy and couldn't, so my husband hasn't had s_x in almost 7 months (maybe once or twice along the way - but it was extremely uncomfortable for me and was an ordeal to go through, not something enjoyable at all.) I told my husband, and although depressed, he stopped pressuring me. I cant tell you how much more of a man that makes him in my eyes, and how much I love him for being so patient and kind to me. I will reward him tenfold after baby is here! He is now resigned to no s_x, but since the baby is almost here he is so excited to have his child here. Our relationship is stronger now than ever, because I love him more than ever for respecting my feelings - and I try in every other way to show him how grateful I am for his kindness. Best wishes....


Jbear - October 7

It's a hormonal thing, it has nothing to do with you personally. Some women have less desire during pregnancy, and some women have a lot more. It can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy, too. During my first pregnancy, my husband and I were like teenagers again, but during my second he wanted nothing to do with me, which really hurt my feelings, especially because I wanted him more than usual. Then, two weeks after my c-section he started bugging me for s_x...


luianna - October 12

Yes you are selfish to get mad. She cant help the way she feels. Be patient im sure you wont drop dead if you get without s_x for a while!!..........men!!


Seth - October 12

My wife didn't feel comfortable untill the fourth month, when she started feeling better physically. Hang in there and communicate to her your feelings and things will get better. My wife is due on the 25th of this month, I know how you feel, but things will get better. Remember you both are bringing a child in the world, try to enjoy as much time together as you can.



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