Divorce And Pregnancy

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lilolash - February 6

My husband and I had already agreed to get a divorce when I found out that I was pregnant. I will do everything in my power to make sure that my child knows thier Dad but I'm worried that they are both going to miss out on stuff while I'm pregnant. I've heard that babies can hear in the womb and will recognize voices when they are born. Can anyone tell me what happens if he isn't around for the pregnancy and is it fair to ask him that someone else be in the delivery room? This is our first child....


New Daddy - February 7

I'm going through the same situation now - my ex-fiance doesnt want to marry anymore and we both live in seperate households now. I truly wish that I could be around her during the pregnancy because I believe it's important for my baby girl to recognze my voice and I WANT her to know who her daddy is. Does your husband want to be there during delivery? I know I sure do, and I would be deeply offended if she were to ask someone else to attend instead of me. This is my first child also.


phoenix_rising - February 13

In Jan. i made a plan to leave my husband. Well, a week or so later, I found out i was pregnant. He changed for about 2 wks,,but i already knew it would only be a matter of time. Well the time came Superbowl Sunday after he pushed and hit my arm. I cannot wait until i have the money to leave him and he doesnt care about "a baby". Even though he always told me to have his son. We have a daughter already. He tells her he hates me and tells her not to bring my name up around him. So, i wouldnt care what he thinks. My situation is very different, yet its the same b/c i would love a divorce.


not so fast - February 20

most states will not allow a divorce while the woman is prego.


firsttimemommy - February 20

that is a lie


not so fast - February 24

Seeing how I just got off the phone with my lawyer in the state of GA the courts make you wait till the baby is born to finalize a divorce. That's not a lie


aloneandprego - March 18

How are you doing with your pregnancy now?I am going through the same thing, yet it was not by choice and I am having a very difficult time.



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