Do Guys Want To Come To The Shower

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kr - October 10

Do guys want to come to the shower? If so, do they want to play games with the gals?


Rachel - October 10

My husband, his brother, and lots of my guy friends are coming, I dunno what they're gonna do tho...


Very scare - October 15

No they don't want to come to the shower, after watching Psycho.


maria - October 16

All the husbands of the girls I invited are all going to our house to have a barbeque with my husband to celebrate the guy way I guess, we are having a son so all the guys chipped in on all the food and liquer to celebrate with my husband and their is a football game on that day too so they are going to dring and watch the game, I am having my shower on the same day at the country club. I told the guys they could pas by but none of them was interested in a baby shower, my husband told me he was not going to spend a whole day hearing about c-sections and all that stuff!! Oh, well, at least he will be in the delivery room with me.


kr - October 16

My husband wants to come, but the husband of the lady throwing my shower is trying to get him to go out with some guys. I am trying to think of some things I can do so my DH can stay in the vicinity, and still hang out with the guys.


lol - October 18

hehehe...i'm having a chuckle right now because i misread the post. I thought it said "do guys want to come IN the shower". I was finding the responses very interesting! Apparently I have a little something on my mind today!


kr - October 18

I know, I was re-reading my original post and it sounds like a steamy orgy. My preg brain is not working right!


The dry or wet one ? - October 19

lol stole my line lol but if you are in it he just might lol and just maybe you might not want him to play games with the other gals lol


dew - October 22

I'm having a "jack & jill" baby shower. I don't even really like the father of my baby but he wants to come and so do his friends, and I am so happy about my baby I'll celebrate with my worst enemy (i.e. my baby's father lol!!). The guys I talked to want to play games and the women I've talked to about thier "jack & jill" shower say most men have no clue how to play the games, but give the funniest answers to the questions, and they usually looz. I say invite anybody you want, male or female. Get all the gifts you can get because you'll need them.



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