Dodgy Prenancy Test

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ilbcnu - May 8

My GF recently miscarried a tiny thing we believe was a fetus. It was about the size of half a grain of rice, pink. I had a clear looking tail that made the total length about a centimeter long in all. We have been trying to get pregnant. Because of this occurring and that we had some friends staying for a few days after that time and believe she wasn't pregnant we had some alcohol. She had nearly a bottle of wine for 3 nights straight after the miscarriage, and was smoking too. She wasn't feeling right and a pregnacy test now shows she is pregnant. Is it possible the test is dodgy or is it likely there were twins? How bad is that amount of alcohol and should we get rid of it just in case?


HannahBaby - May 9

It could be twins. But i doubt it. Sometimes the twin dies in utero, but its rare for the body to expell one baby, and save another inside. Not usual, but it is possible. Also, it takes about 2 weeks for all the pregnancy hormones to be out of her body so she could still be testing positive from the last pregnancy. You should see a doctor as soon as possible and Drs arent sure when and how much alcohol is dangerous so that would be a decision you and your wife would have to make. Good luck


ilbcnu - May 9

Thanks for the reply, we are booked to see a specialist in a few days but a bit stressed out. What makes us also think about twins is the fact there has been no bleeding or blood loss that would be expected with this sort of occurence. My GF said it was a fluke she found it as she was showering at the time. Opinions or thoughts offered would settle nerves till friday and be appreciated


HannahBaby - May 9

you know she may have even not had a miscarriage. My friend had kinda the same thing happen. If this thing just fell out i BET that its not the baby....MIscarriage is extrememly painful, and extremely bloody. at 7,8 even 9 weeks doctors say not to worry about alochol that you have consumed since the plancenta doesnt being to function until around 12 weeks. to me it seems that something fell out....not your baby. Good luck at the doctors and keep me posted. Ill be thinking about you guys :o)


corinne - May 9

OMG that is so weird. I was a twin but when my mom was three and a half months pregnant with us she miscarried my twin. But I am well and healthy. So twin is possible or as HannahBaby said she may have not miscarried at all.


Lynne - May 10

When you say she miscarried did she have period like cramping and bleeding a__sociated with it? If not then its possible that is where her mucus plug is sealing off and some of it came out. Theres all kinds of discharge all through pregnancy.


ilbcnu - May 27

Thanks for your input guys, We've solved the mystery... My GF has previously had pain on her right side of her stomache and had a scan which revealed a cartliage like growth in her falopian tube, apparently they are not rare nor harmful. The photo's we took were shown to the specialist and he confirmed immeadiately that it was a cartliage growth polup. He also confirmed she is pregnant and that the pregnancy may have caused the body to rid the polup naturally.


lexa - May 27

CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! Good luck!


HannahBaby - June 1

THANK GOODNESS!! good luck with your pregnancy



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