Does It Get Better 2

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eddie175 - August 5

I have to be honest, this has been one of the most trying experiences I have had. I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a joyous time. When I first found out we were pregnant, it was not planned and obviously my initial reaction wasnt happiness but concern for finances and where we were gonna live. Me and my girlfriend had just reached the end of our "In Love Period" and we were already having difficulties communicating. Now my girlfriend seems to truly hate me. It has brought out so many of my insecurities. It has even brought me to believe that my girlfriend is talking to someone else. She used to be so affectionate to me and s_xually we were firecrackers. Now she doesn't want me to spend the night because I make her uncomfortable and sweaty and she feels pressured to please me. I truly understand the miracle that is happening to her right now with her body and the baby. We already have 2 daugthers from previous marriage/relationships and I dont remember it being like this, although me and the mother of my daugther were not together. Now 8 years later, and even though it wasnt planned, I am happy to be with my girlfriend and that she is having our baby. But I am heart broken. The things she says and how she keeps distancing herself from me are hurting me. I feel as if this is the end and my natural defenses are coming up. I want to know if things get better. I am tired of hearing the hormones excuse. When the baby comes does the relationship change? Does she get better? can you forget all that was said and done? I dont want to have resentment towards her after the baby, but I read that the mother and baby begin a 5 year relationship where the father drops to the bottom of the todem pole. Do us men not deserved to be loved. As a mother loves her little boy do we not need that unconditional love too as a spouse? She's actually on a trip right now visiting her family. I havent bearly spoken to her for a almost a week. She seems like shes happy there and away from me. I am so struggling right now that I've even turned to this post for some feedback. It was good to know I'm not alone. for some reason the "She becomes a monster and Ur her sworn enemy" chapter of these baby/fatherhood books seems to be missing. I do love her and want us to be a family, I'm just not sure what to do.


Going out if my mind - August 5

Hey buddy i here u im going threw the same thing. I havebt seen my girlfriend in week we barley talk and she does not know how she feels about me. Everyone i talk to tell me its just hormones to but another hand its how can u treat some one with no respect. From what ive been told it gets worst before it gets better. I'm giving my girlfriend space i dont text or call her but i did tell her if she need anything to talk or to hang out give me call and ill be there and that's all u can do


E457 - August 23

old thread



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